How Far Would You Go?

  1. I have been presented a problem and wanted to know how far would you go?
    If you had to sacrifice your morals just once to get into a a really good nursing school program would you?
    If the program pretty much promised you a job upon completion and passing N-CLEX, would you then?
    This sacrifice would be one of those personal moral violations not something considered illegal but choice in your life that would violate your own moral compass.
    Just curious...:aln:
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  3. by   GeneralJinjur
    I wouldn't do it. But I'm pretty much a hard-nose about my moral compass.
  4. by   aromarn
    wow! hard question , something I never thought about. My main thing, I will never deny Jesus Christ as my saviour. Anything other than that...maybe! But morals are what makes us who we are, make us a unique individuals... so its a tough one!!
    Okay, not even maybe ,whatever its is I won't do it!!
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  5. by   Aurora77
    No, absolutely not. It can't be that good of a school if you're forced to violate your morals to get/stay in. Since you had to ask the question, I'm betting you already have your answer.
  6. by   OCD_Mom
    The school is is just the timing.
  7. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I would need more details to give an opinion.
  8. by   marjibme
    Honestly, I can't think of anything that would be worth sacrificing my moral convictions. Really good programs will be still be there when the timing is better. Millions of others have found jobs and passed the NCLEX even without a "guarantee" - and 30 years from now, you don't want to be lying awake at night with tears streaming down your face asking yourself "how could I have done that?"
  9. by   JenniferSews
    I would need more specific information. I have some strong moral opinions but will likely be attending a school I do not morally agree with for my BSN.

    Would I kill, cheat, lie or steal to get into nursing school? No. Would I not renew my car insurance for a month because tuition was due? Yes. There's waaaay to many variables in that question. You need to decide what is right for you. Good luck!
  10. by   melmarie23
    I would like to know what exactly you are being forced to sacrifice in terms of your morals to get into nursing school. Color me nosy....

    but I am having a hard even guessing what this could be. Maybe I am jaded, but my experience applying to schools never once had me questioning my ethics/morals.
  11. by   melmarie23
    If the program pretty much promised you a job upon completion and passing N-CLEX, would you then?

    It might. After all that is quite the incentive. But I'd look at the whole picture and want to know the school's NCLEX pass rate, what other students are saying about the program, how much it costs etc.
  12. by   SaraFL
    Is this a real life situation, or a hypothetical?
  13. by   MammaNurse2Be
    It would be good to know the moral dilema in question. I can't figure out what could be morally compromising to go to a school that promises you a job.
  14. by   qt2168
    I want to know the situation also!