How far are you into your nursing program?

  1. Just curious where everyone is in their nursing program?

  2. Poll: How far are you in your nursing program?

    • Still working on prereqs or waiting to get in

      20.39% 21
    • Starting first semester in fall

      33.01% 34
    • Starting second semster in fall

      14.56% 15
    • In my second year in fall

      22.33% 23
    • Starting my final semster in fall

      9.71% 10
    103 Votes
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  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Final semester starts on the 18th.. WOOHOO
  5. by   nurse2be in ny
    I have four pre-req courses to take, and will be applying to an accelerated program that starts May 2004.
  6. by   MelH
    :hatparty: :hatparty: I am entering my senior year this fall after the fall I have one more semester left!
  7. by   shyne
    I start my first semester in nursing in Aug!
  8. by   ggfifirn05
    Done w/ prereqs; waiting to get my letter to see if I got in for Fall program. If yes, 1st semester of nursing school starts 2 Sept. If no, I'll take Statistics and Chemistry toward my BSN, and try again for Spring program.
  9. by   PJMommy
    2 1/2 weeks left in summer semester -- then LAST semester starts on Aug 25th. In less than 5 months, I'll be graduating. Yay! As my fellow mommy classmates keep saying..."that's less than a full pregnancy to go".
  10. by   essarge
    Senior Year starting in fall semester....graduate in May!:hatparty:
  11. by   hmarandola
    I am in a three year BSN program and I am starting my clinical rotations this Sept. (Junior 1) My mental health rotation is at a county hospital and I have been promised some interesting days. Am a bit apprehensive to be moving from theory to practice. But I LOVE my school, instructors and the fact that I survived pathophysiology with GPA intact! LOL
  12. by   RNIAM
    4 weeks away from my senior year! Very excited.
  13. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Starting level 2.....
  14. by   geekgolightly
    one week away from my final exam and then i graduate.
  15. by   EmeraldNYL
    Only five more weeks for me! Good luck to everyone graduating soon!