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Hey all! I was just curious as to what your families thought about you going to college to become a nurse? My family was pretty quiet about it. I'm not sure they think I can do it, which is a... Read More

  1. by   KernieRN
    Well.....everyone started out supportive!!!!
    Im 23, and married 3 weeks ago. Although my husband started out supportive, it is slowly diminishing. He wants to spend time with me the way we used to, except that is not possible beacuse of my crazy school hours, full-time job, and all the studying i need to do. BUT, i must say, he does make an EXCELLANT patient!!!!

  2. by   GPatty
    My hubby has been getting ALOT better as time goes on. He doesn't like all the time spent away from him, but he does understand. It doesn't stop the "crankies" though. But I have to give him an "A" for effort.
    The kids think it's great, although they get a bit disappointed when I have to miss certain things because of study or school, but they think it's cool that Mom is a nurse.
    My Mom thinks it's the absolute greatest thing that has ever happened on the face of this earth!
    The hardest part is the lack of money. It's difficult, but we're surviving.
  3. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    Originally posted by nurseleigh
    I am sooo jealous after reading how supportive your families all are!!!

    My parents live 4 hours away, but are proud that i am in college and I think are proud to tell others that their daughter is going to be a nurse.

    My mother-in-law only lives 30 minutes away and i have quit going to visit her since i started school. She is constantly telling me that she doesn't think i can do it and that she would never trust me to care for her. It is enough to drive me to serious self doubts and just quit school all together.

    I'll be so happy when i get my license in the mail and i can wave it in her face!!!!
    When you finish school and she starts asking you medical questions (about ailments, concerns, whatnot) as I am sure people do when they find out you're a nurse...

    You can be like..."hmmm i sorta remember some professor lady saying something about that whole (ailment here) thingy - i really can't remember what that lady said...GOSH - I'm so FLAKEY" then giggle like a school girl and flip your hair or something

    Be PROUD of where you have gotten!!! She'll come around and if she doesn't oh well!!!
  4. by   colleen10
    My family is really a mixed bag at this point.

    I'm only 27 and married with a degree in science allready, so I don't have the complications of a big family to take care of.

    My mom thinks it's awesome because she knows I'm smart and a hard worker but where we live there are not many opportunities for college graduates, let alone women. My first two years after college I spent in the Information Technology Business, which is the field she works in, and when I told her I wanted to go into Medicine, she was like "Go for it!" "you're too smart and caring to waste it all in business".

    My husband "says" he's supportive but if I ask him to take care of things like cleaning or taking care of the house, he really isn't. I think when push comes to shove though, he'll be allright. When I was thinking of quiting my current job to go to school full time and take a CNA job he offered to get a second job so that we could make it work.

    Then, my dad is kind of luke warm. I think it's because he really wants grandchildren and he knows that I'm not going to start a family til after school. Plus, my aunt - his sister, is a nurse and he has seen some of the things she has had to go through and put up with, but he doesn't really understand what it's like to be a young woman in our local society and how so many doors are closed to us compared to men.

    My aunt who is a nurse is pretty supportive and keeping a very close eye on me so that I make the right decisions about schooling and jobs and don't get off track. It's nice because she doesn't butt in with opinions but she keeps track of my progress and gently steers me if she thinks I'm heading in the wrong direction.

    Then, one of my grandmother's thinks it's noble to go into nursing and the other can't for the life of her figure out why I need to go back to school.
  5. by   ashemson
    My husband is 50/50. He wants me to be a nurse, thinks it is a wonderful career, but I worry that he is not going to be very supportive when my hours at school get really crazy. I am only going PT right now to finish my prereqs, so it's OK now. But my advisor told me that the first semester in nursing classes, I have to be on campus at 7am several day, and with three children, I can't see my husband getting them up, dressed, to school, and the sitter. Soooo, I worry about the future more than the present right now. I know, I know, something else to stress over that is totally out of my control!!! What's new!!!
  6. by   Rena RN 2003
    my family.....God love 'em.... :chuckle

    SO is proud in a quiet way. he encouraged me to quit my job because it was so hard to work and study and keep up with the house. at the same time, he *****es because the bills rack up. but he will tell his friends that "my wife is gonna be a nurse." he's very understanding that the house comes last. the kids and school tie for first place (for the time being). and he sometimes gets a little miffed if he comes in third. he also is a little jealous because he never went beyond high school and i'm really going after my dream.

    my kids.....God love 'em. :chuckle

    the older one is very proud that i'm in school. i've taken him with me a couple of times and he loved it. he brags to his friends when mom gets an A but thinks it's really "dumb" (he's 11 and everything is dumb ) that i study as much as i do. he's also been very helpful when it comes to doing extra chores to help me out.

    the baby (he's 2) is doing well with a shift in the attention from me. he now seeks out dad and bub for what i'm lacking.

    my mother....

    she's the best. she tends to worry more about my schooling than i do. :chuckle but she is very proud of me. is always telling her friends that "rena got this grade on this exam. or rena got that grade in that class". she's very proud of the fact that i work my butt off to be an honor student.

    but one really understands the time committment that nursing school takes. no one understands the stress level of a nursing student unless they are there. so my nursing student friends and i rely a lot on each other to bring us through some of the harder times.
  7. by   ashse
    My husband is supportive but doesn't have nearly as much enthusiasm as I do about it. He's been in the medical field for 15 years, doing patient care for probably 11 of those years, and he's really ready to get out of it. He'd rather be in the business world (where I'm currently at) and I'd rather be in the hospital. If we could just trade places...........
  8. by   dianthe1013
    My fiance is very supportive, even though school means less time with him. I have also postponed our marriage plans until after I graduate, which he has a bit more of a problem with... But he's been wonderful. Very willing to compromise.

    My father is proud of me, always bragging to friends and coworkers, etc. My mother is a bit of a pessimist, though, and not as...cheery as she could be.

    Still, the general feeling that surrounds me is one of support.

  9. by   RN_2_B_5/2004
    We were told during our summer Intro to Associates Degree Nursing to kiss our families goodbye and really enjoy our 5 weeks off before Fall. Because when Fall comes and classes start......not only will we not have time for our families....but they wouldn't want to be around us anyway. She said this in a joking way, but after 3 weeks of school done, I'm wondering if she's right????