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I am taking prereq for nursing school starting this summer. I am concerned because once I am acutally in nursing school it seems that it will be extremely hard to hold a job and study. Can anyone... Read More

  1. by   Spoiled1
    Thanks for all the wonderful replies!!
  2. by   luv2yoga
    He's 6'1" and called "Ken".
  3. by   Anniekins
    The hospitals around here offer tuition reembursement, for you second two years of a 4 year BSN program, in exchange for a year work commitment per year of reembursement, with good grades.

    I did that for this year, my senior year, so school and books were covered. I work PRN as a nurse tech, babysit, and my mom helps me out a lot! Without her, Nursing school would have been a lot more challenging for me, and I can't thank her enough! I tell her that all the time.

    I have a friend who works Full time at a childerens ER and does well in school. It is possible, but its hard to have a life other than work/school!

    Good luck to you :spin:
  4. by   Mat Price
    been driving a school bus the last 5 years finaly quit this year worked perfect for prereqs as i went to work at 5:30 am-9:00am was in class from 10-1:00Pm back to work at 1:30 - 5:00 class 5:30-around 9 or 10 5DAYS a week

    i haven't slept much in 3 years but i figure i will sleep enough when i am dead.. also my wife is a school teacher and is finishing her Ph.D. so she does ok

  5. by   jenrninmi
    I'm fortunate that I don't have to work. I do receive a scholarship and my husband does very well - an engineer, but he is also in the Army National Guard and a fulltime student. Yes, lol, we're busy and very supportive of eachother regarding study time and everything. My kids are 6 and 5. My daughter is in dance and my son is in karate, I'm waaayyyyy too busy to get a job. I wish I could though so that I could get some more clinical experience under my belt. Good luck to everyone!
  6. by   Mandylpn
    The hubby, and bless his heart for it.
  7. by   mamaof3
    I work part-time and receive the pell grant. It's not a lot but it has paid for my school so far. I am starting the nursing program in the fall. So I expect to take out a student loan also. For all single parents... as said in an earlier post, get all the public assistance you can. It's only temporary and it really helps. I even have a scholarship at the local YMCA. They provide great childcare for my children.
  8. by   EMTtoRN
    Well this was my first semster and I was lucky enough that financial aif covered classes and books with some extra money. This fall I dont get a pell grant so I have applied for EVERY SCHOLARSHIP that I could!!!! I am also very lucky that I work for an Ambulance company that provides day time staffing to volunteer towns so most of the time I work I am sitting doing nothing, so I study and make money at the same time! We too live paycheck by paycheck but I keep reminding myself that in a couple of years we will be living the GOOD life!!!
  9. by   CVnurse08
    Well, I am also starting my prereqs this summer and fortunately I live at home with my parents and hope to get finanacial aid to cover school tuition but as far as all other living expenses, I have a really good part-time job cleaning houses ~ it has a really flexible schedule and the money is not bad. It is a great job for someone with a busy school schedule.