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Hi all i'm not in nursing schol yet but i was wandering for those of you who are how are you thought to give injections.Do you pratice on dolls or what?Sorry if this question seems dumb but i was... Read More

  1. by   blueyesue
    Our school has a phlebotomy course. One of the girls in my Chemistry class said that the instructor puts his arm out, and everyone gets to practice on him. I think I will take that class before entering nursing school.
  2. by   tiffany01
    I am an LPN and went to school in New Mexico. We used stick pads and then we were required to practice on each other using normal saline. The purpose was to experience how patients feel when we inject them. Also,it helped us to accurately find sites and see which method(darting verses not darting) hurt less, worked better and so on.
  3. by   cschmill
    nothing to worry about,

    we spent a lot of time practicing drawing them up, injecting the practice pads, and eventually each other (SC, IM, ID). then you get a lot of practice in clinical and flu shots when they come around.

    i'm sure you'll be fine
  4. by   bleu_3
    Ok-someone asked me what we shot eachother with in my lab. We injected eachother with normal saline. Other schools don't let the students pratice on eachother?
  5. by   DanaR85
    We also practiced on the injection pads and of course spent much time practicing drawing up various meds. It would have been nice to be able to practice at home, but they wouldn't let us take the syringes/needles home with us. And no, we didn't get to practice on eachother, even though some of us wanted too! I remember that we once wanted to practice drawing blood and/or starting IVs on eachother. Yeah, our instructors didn't exactly go for that one.

    And I agree with the person who said that your first injection will be worse for you than it will be for the patient. I still remember my very first injection-it was SQ Heparin, so I was nervous off the bat about making sure it was drawn up right and with the correct airlock. Well, that was no problem. It was then time to go into the patients room and I was soo nervous that I was going to screw it up somehow or hurt the patient. We walk in and the patient, who was a younger guy(30s-40s maybe), was talking on his cell phone and was generally relaxed and I guess in as good a mood as possible for someone with chest tubes in place. My instructor happens to notice that he has a Carolina Gamecocks blanket on his bed and is wearing Carolina slippers/PJ pants. She and I both are Clemson alumni(HUGE rivalry there), so she begins to tease him about Carolina and talk football with him while I went ahead and gave the injection. He was so distracted that he didn't even notice when I gave it. I also felt less nervous bc the main focus wasn't directly on me. Yes, the instructor was watching me and would have stepped in if needed, but she made it easier by not making the room silent and with all eyes on me. After I was done, I remember the patient asking me how many shots I had ever given bc I seemed to know what I was doing. That felt good.

    On the other hand, the first IV I ever started was up in the Cardiac Cath Lab and crammed into this tiny room was the pt, his wife, his mom, his dad, me, and the nurse. Standing right outside the door was her mom and her dad. All eyes on me, room totally silent. I managed to start the IV, but it was the most nerve racking experience EVER.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   luvbug
    I agree with you there, Texas Angel. I think it helps immensely when you see what it going on. then you know exactly when to expect that little jab of pain.
  7. by   stressedgirl86
    We practiced on chicken thighs during our campus labs. When it was time for clinical days I was so scared to give a shot especially giving my first IM. My instructor had to force my hand into my pt because I couldnt get through the skin the first time. But now its a piece a cake and kind of boring.
  8. by   godsweet
    The nursing school that i am going to have labs that you can practice injection the fake arms and fake infant. Also practice to IV with red dye color fluid into fake arms and fake infant. I have not start it yet, but will this semester. I am not to thrilled about it because i don't like needle. I am scared that i would hurt someone. I hope it will help to practice with fake arms and fake infant to put IV and injections. :uhoh21:
  9. by   StudentNurseAbby
    We practiced on mannequins with special rubber inserts on all of the correct sites. I was lucky that I gave a lot of injections during my clinical rotations.
  10. by   skislalom
    When I was in nursing school, we practiced in open lab with pads, then we checked off by injecting each other (IM's), then we did a flu shot clinic at the state prison. NOoooo problem! It's really not that big of deal once you realize that it doesn't hurt you a bit!

    Oh yeah, with the intradermals...we practiced making "blebs" on sausages.
  11. by   amyk_ncsu
    We first practiced in class on the pads with goo in them. They were supposed to feel like the real thing. In clinicals last semester I had to give Lovenox to every patient I had (post-op orthopedic) and it got really easy pretty quickly. Also gave lots of insulin and sometimes morphine. Piece of cake now.
  12. by   AprilRNhere
    We practiced subQ's and intradermals on each other. We used an injection pad for the IM's and a special arm for IV's.
  13. by   momathoner09
    We practiced on dummies in the lab. But truth be told- the only way to get truly comfortable with giving shots is to give them to actual people! The first semester I was pretty freaked out but now after being almost done w/the 3rd semester, I am an insulin injecting pro! :spin: