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  1. bleu_3

    Pericardial Drains

    Who pulls the pericardial drains in your hospital? Nurses, APN, or surgeon?
  2. bleu_3

    GBS Sepis -Please Help!

    My son was born with GBS but my swab was negative. I didn't have any fevers during labor. I possibly was leaking a few days prior to my induction. Amminosure and ferning were negative so I was sent home. AROM was less than 18hrs. My placenta patho showed no signs of infection. My husband and I are trying to figure out how are son got sick. Thanks!
  3. bleu_3

    RN hourly salary in Illinois

    I work at Resurrection Medical Center.
  4. bleu_3

    nurses/student nurses who have done externships?

    I did a summer externship at UIC before my senior year. I also worked there on breaks. It was an amazing experience. The only thing I wasn't able to do was pass meds. It really allowed me to hone my physical assessment skills. I highly recommend a summer externship. Any questions, just let me know.
  5. bleu_3

    Starting pay for new BSN grad

    I'm a BSN new grad at Resurrection Medical Center. Base pay is $26/hr plus shift differential.
  6. bleu_3

    New RN jobs/hours - what can I really expect?

    I'm a new grad and I work the pm shift 3-11:30. Most new grads at my hospital work pms or nights.
  7. bleu_3

    RN hourly salary in Illinois

    I'm a new grad. My base pay is $26/hr plus shift dif. I live and work in the city.
  8. bleu_3

    tattoos on nurses?

    My nursing school required all tattoos to be covered during clinicals.
  9. bleu_3

    I Passed NCLEX!!! What Now?!

    Hello All- How long before I receive my license? And can I start applying for jobs w/out it? Any info would be great!!!! Thanks Erica
  10. bleu_3

    UIC Summer Externship

    Anybody doing their summer externship at UIC?
  11. bleu_3


    Thanks CEG!! I'm looking in to it..... Erica
  12. bleu_3


    A summer externship is an opportunity to gain nursing experience between your junior and senior year of nursing school.
  13. bleu_3


    Hello- I will be doing my summer externship at UIC. And I was wondering about the parking. I'm pretty sure that I will have to pay. I was wondering if anybody knew if I would get some sort of discount and what the cost might be? I'm trying to figure out if taking the train will be cheaper. Thanks!
  14. bleu_3

    How long is your commute??

    Hello!!! 65 miles one way/ 1 hour. School starts at 9am. Clinical at 6:30am.
  15. bleu_3

    Southeaster OK CC nursing programs

    CinCin1- You won't have to take the ACT again. You can take the Compass Test. It's the math, reading, and english portions of the ACT. The Compass test takes less time. My husband said it only took about 45 min. Something to check out!!