How do you get all the readings done?

  1. It seems impossible to do all the reading assignments and be able to review the material just before a test! Our instructors overload us with all the chapters for the next test. And they give us questions on the exam that are hard to find in the assigned material!
    What do you suggest? What's the key to make passing grades????
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  3. by   nightingale
    Generally, read the material before the material gets covered in class. I remember skimming through the chapter, noting pictures and graphs and reading the conclusions at the end of the topics. Your syllabus should cover what you need to know.

    There is nothing more valuable then meeting with your instructor and asking them what is expected; do this before you run into trouble. You can also meet after you are having concerns too. Be positive, be willing to work hard, and listen more then talk.

    When I entered Nursing College, I took a Study Skills Class that helped tremendously. I was a regular in the library and the tutors grew to know me and respect me because they knew I worked hard. I was not an all A student but I did my best (almost) every day.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   RNLisa
    to me, this is how I did it: I didn't read the chapters we were covering until after I had lecture on that info, then I took my notes from lecture and went through the chapters, I highlighted the main points and focused on what was NOT covered in lecture. If you have a workbook that goes along with your textbook, do those questions, they cover the main points of the readings. It is overwhelming, but alot of times, questions from the chapters end up on the tests that were not in the lecture notes. At least that was what happened in our school. Reading aloud to yourself helps too, it did me. And if you still don't understand something, ask your instructors. They really aren't out to see you fail, contrary to popular belief!! LOL Good luck!!
  5. by   StudentNurseSteph
    yeah we definitely have this problem too.. I always read ahead now..and for me i take notes, aka practically write the book over. Our tests often consist of the small details which sucks because we tend to overlook them. A couple days before the test I usually skim over the book chapters, re-read my notes, make flashcards on important things and do the workbook questions.
  6. by   firstyearstudent
    Not always, but sometimes, you are not *really* expected to read all the assigned chapters. I had one class, pharm, where I never touched the textbook and the instructor based all the exam questions on her own material. She never even referred to the textbook. I learned everything from the lecture and studying the instructor's powerpoint/syllabus. In another class, it was all from the book and I barely looked at the powerpoint/syllabus outside of class. In yet another class, I only read parts of the textbook (when I didn't understand something from lecture).

    One way to find out how to approch the class is to ask the students who had it previously. Ask them, "How did you study? Did you read the book? Was it helpful or not?" Etc. You can also ask the instructor where she is getting the exam questions, from the publisher's test bank or making them up him or herself.
  7. by   BeccaznRN
    This is what I did - I only skimmed over the material in the text after we went over it in class, and usually only the really important points. I gave up on reading all the assignments in the first semester. It's impossible. As long as you know the material and can apply critical thinking to the questions, you should be able to answer test questions. I would also suggest using NCLEX review books after you will really drive the information home as well as getting you prepared to answer the questions using critical thinking.

    Good luck!
  8. by   NaomieRN
    This is what I do:
    I do not read the chapters before class, I used to do that and stopped. Rightnow, I am reading the chapters after lecture, which help to reinforce the materials covered in class. I record the lectures and listen while I go over the powerpoint notes. I do not take notes in class, I spend time listening and hightlighting what the instructor stresses. I usually read the chapters the next day after lecture where I take my time to understand and digest the materials by focusing on key areas (nursing assessment, diagnosis, planning, interventions and evaluation). I also pay attention to the charts, graphs and answer all the questions from the back of the book. I have a workbook along with my text book, it is a waste of money because I was spending too much times trying to answer the questions rather than reading. I prefer to just use the internet site companion and do the questions on the back of the book. On the first test, there were more than 20 questions that came straight from the internet site. Rightnow, what I am doing is helping me because I have a 93 average. Good luck to you.
  9. by   Natkat
    I like to skim the chapter first just to see what information will be covered. I listen to the lecture then go back and read the chapter if there is something I'm not clear about. Lately I've been trying to apply the information to the nursing process. It seems like when I organize the information this way I remember it better.

    Another trick I learned this semester is if a drug is mentioned in the lecture, look it up in the drug book. It will probably be on the test.
  10. by   luv2shopp85
    I don't know if its my add or what but I cannot look at the material before class. Its written in chinese it seems. But once I get the material in class and I'm like wow this crap is so confusing. Then i can go home and read my book and better understand it. I"ve tried quite a few times to read it before class but it doesn't help me... .i wish it did!
  11. by   RNLisa
    I, too, used NCLEX books, and the CD Roms that came with the textbooks. I used the workbooks because after a few tests, we figured out that some of the test questions actually came "word for word" from those books. That's why I used them. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA by following those.
  12. by   luv2shopp85
    What nclex books did you use? I'm using Lippincotts and Saunders comprehensive.
  13. by   RNLisa
    I mainly used Saunders. I also had a Mosby one, but I really think Saunders was best.
  14. by   TheCommuter
    I work full-time weekends, so there's no supervisor breathing down my neck. I read and study during the downtime at work. So far it has been working out fine. It is difficult to balance full-time work and full-time school, but I have been doing it so far while getting my readings done.