How do you ward off the germs?

  1. I'm sure the sleepless nights and odd eating habits don't help. It has started. Eyes burning, nose running, body aches. I am sucking on Zicam hoping it doesn't turn into anything full blown. What remedies/ vitamins/things to you use to stay healthy?
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  3. by   Epona
    Hi. I am not a nurse yet, but will be a nursing student soon!

    As of now, I take a Vit C and a Zinc. I try and eat well, even if I feel yucky. I drink lots of orange juice and try and get good rest. Even if I do not sleep, like during daytime hours, at least I am laying down and quiet.

    That's what I do and I can usually 'nip' it before it gets full blown.

    Good luck!! E
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  5. by   michar
    Sleep and washing my hands.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    I second sleep, and I swear by a good helping of apple juice, rather than orange. Just make sure it's 100%. Other than that, being considerate of other students when you're feeling under the weather is helpful.
  7. by   hikernurse
    After being sick almost my whole first semester (in the first six weeks I had 2 awful colds--both of which ended up in sinus infections, two stomach bugs, and bronchitis) I finally figured out if I could spend that much time being sick, I could probably spend that time sleeping instead :zzzzz .

    That made all the difference. I also discovered that the extra sleep did more good for my grades than spending that time studying.

    Try to avoid sugar...yeah, I know that's almost impossible in nursing school

    Getting outside and running/walking/skiing helps. Makes you a lot less stressed--throw your notes on the treadmill if you absolutely have to.

    It does get better, though, as you get used to things.
  8. by   LanaBanana
    I've been fighting off a cold which turned into a sinus infection which seems to be turning into bronchitis for 2 weeks now. I'm going to my dr in 2 days but last week when I went to the walkin clinic they told me it was "just" a sinus infection. Actually, first the dr asked if I'd been around any sick people. I smiled and said "I work in a hospital 36 hours a week and am a nursing student in clinicals - does that count?" Then he said "oh, well it's just a sinus infection." I have a history of bronchitis with almost every cold I get but he insisted that with antibiotic and decongestant I would be fine. Ugh. I can't afford to miss any work or clinicals. But I am taking this Saturday off. Normally I go to school Mon-Thurs (with clinicals Mon/Tues) and then work Fri, Sat, Sun so I never have a day off. I am currently taking 2000 mg of vita c, and echinicea and zinc. My mom swears by garlic but I can't bring myself to take it!
  9. by   MIA-RN1
    Sleep, meditation, positive thinking, Reiki, handwashing, and staying three feet away from anyone with a cough were what got me thru nursing school.
    I remember second semester, first day of clincials, I was scheduled to spend the entire grueling 8 hours observing in the OR (NOT one of my favorite things to watch) and I woke up the day of it with a terrible headcold. I just took a bunch of those Ricola lozenges in my pocket and 1000 mgs of tylenol and got thru somehow. I told myself that I could be as sick as I wanted after clinical, but during it, I was to remain positive and act as if I felt great. It worked. Then I called in sick to work the next day lol.
  10. by   CaseManager1947
    There are 6 easy words for this one:

    wash hands,
    wash hands
    wash hands
  11. by   abbythetabby
    Z-BEC is an excellent vitamin supplement for boosting your immune system (Zinc, plus B vitamins, C and E). I've also had a lot of people suggest Airborne.

    And yes, wash your hands!!!