How do you work and go to nursing school?

  1. I am not talking about pre-requs, I worked during those. How do people work and go to nursing school?? I am not working and I am overwhelmed, how do you do it? And working moms in nursing school...or worse yet, single working moms in nursing school, hats off to you!
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  3. by   VRGirl
    I've been doing it for three or four weeks now, but it feels like a lifetime!
  4. by   traumaQN
    Same boat here. The weeks go by super fast. It seems like I just started school a few days ago and it has been almost a month.

    I think time management is the key. I am lucky enough that I can read/ study at work. I work in an assisted living facility and everyone goes to bed at about 8pm and I am there until 10.. so that gives me quite a bit of free time.

    I did have to miss my son's open house this evening because I was at work.. and that really sucked. I feel bad about it actually.
  5. by   deleern
    Yes it is all about time management. you must micromanage yourself and everyone else in your life. I have gone to school full time for the last two years as well as worked full time. during that time we had a graduation, and a wedding. As for study time you have to put away all the time wasters. like reading Novels, Playing on line games watching tv... you get the picture. when ever and where ever i sit down i study. I listen to lectures in the car. i have notes to reread on break. I always know what is due and when. i try and concentrate on the most urgent... and never look to far a head.

    good luck it will work Just never give up.
    Diane Lee
  6. by   smilin_gp
    Time management, taking advantage of free time, planning ahead on when to complete assignments, not allowing myself to doubt my ability to get things done
  7. by   BoonersmomRN
    Its not easy by any means but it takes structure and disipline. I am engaged but have 2 sons from my 1rst marriage ( ages 9+7), I also work @ the school tutoring Fundamentals students. I HAD to make myself a study schedule and be STRICT with it.

    My schedule is

    Monday- Class 9-12/ Tutor 1-3/ Fun w. kids 3:30-8/Study 9-11
    Tuesday- same
    Wednesday Study 9-1. Clinical 2-9 Study 10-12
    Thursday Study 9-2 Clinical 3-10 /off
    Friday- Study 12- 3/ Tutor 3:30-6/ Kids tennis 7-9/off
    Saturday Tutor 9-12 / Kids tennis from 1-3/ Fun w/ kids
    Sunday - Kids tennis 11-2/ Fun w/ kids/Study 7pm-11pm

    I know I dont work very much AND have a fiancee but it's still a busy busy busy week!.
  8. by   mamason
    It is achallenge to manage school and work at the same time. Plus keep up with all the information that's being thrown at you. But, for some of us it was necessary to do so. When i was in school, I worked 8 hour day shift on the weekends. I was able to do so bcause my spouse worked full time. Plus at that time I had 2 children at home. ages 4 and 5.
    My mom helped out as much as she could and we used after school daycare. I kept my weekdays open as much as possible. I stayed home and studied a lot. Some of the other students worked nights during the week. I don't know how they did it. Maybe you could find a hospital in your area that hires nursing students. Generally they are willing to work with your school schedule in hopes that you will come and work for them when you graduate. Hope this helps you and good luck in school.
  9. by   gradgitated
    I strongly urge you to join a study group. Make it 3 to 5 people and try very hard to meet regularly. After a lecture, make up study questions using the lecture notes (Powerpoints are the BEST!!) and take turns asking each other questions. My study group met for 45 minutes to an hour almost every day and I learned alot during those sessions. :studyowl:
  10. by   todell80
    It is very hard for me to do everything I have to do in a week, and there are things that just don't get done. I work about 17 hours a week, am in class 22 hours a week, have 2 kids, a husband who works around 55 hours a week, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a house to take care of. Phew that seems like a lot!! Really, though, I have just became very good at using the time I have. I have found the more I have to do, the more I get done, just because I don't put things off anymore. It is very hard, and sometimes it feels like I am never going to get done, but I just hang in there.

    For me, its all about balancing work with rewards. Right now, I have some homework I should do, my house needs cleaned, but I need some time to myself, so I give myself 20 minutes to go online and check out allnurses, the weather, and my myspace account. Then it won't be bugging me when I start to study. Another example is this week I had a really packed schedule, a big fundementals test Monday, hygeine check offs Tuesday, a math test Wed., and our first health assessment interviews (with no cheat sheet allowed) on Thursday, plus 100 pages to read for our Fundamentals class. I was exhausted last night, but I made an effort to go to a Dutch Oven Cooking Class that I had been looking forward to all week. It was so fun, and took my mind off studies and the pressures of home for a little bit. I'm so glad I went now, even though it was hard to leave my family and messy house and homework.

    There are some in my class that don't have a family or work to interfere, and they can't ever seem to get there stuff done. Its all about priorities, and I suspect those of us that learn it now will find this skill very helpful throughout our nursing career. Good luck with what you decide to do!
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  11. by   Jules A
    Quote from todell80
    There are some in my class that don't have a family or work to interfere, and they can't ever seem to get there stuff done. Its all about priorities, and I suspect those of us that learn it now will find this skill very helpful throughout our nursing career. Good luck with what you decide to do!~t
    Yes, its about making sure every single minute of your life is accounted for and being used productively. The time goes by quickly and as long as you stay on top of things it will be fine. I agree that becoming comfortable with multitasking early on will serve us well in the future. Still didn't stop me from being a little jealous of the ones that didn't work or have kids, lol.
  12. by   Plagueis
    This topic is something that I will hopefully be going through next year when I apply for nursing school. I understand that time management is key. I would like to see some examples of your daily schedule of work, clinicals, and study time when you all were in nursing school, just to get an idea how you all structured your day.
  13. by   iluvmynavyman
    im trying to save cash while im doing my pre reqs so my rent will be paid up and i can always work part time to pay my very small bills
  14. by   Achoo!
    I work Friday nights and 10 hour shifts on weekends, so I can focus on classes during the week.