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how are you treated at clinicals? do you feel you are treated fairly? do the experinced nurses yell at you when you make a mistake? what has been your best and worse clinical experince? :eek:... Read More

  1. by   Rena RN 2003
    i'm in my 4th rotation and have been blessed with wonderful instructors that have never yelled at a student.

    and ALL the nurses that i've been around have treated us students with the utmost respect. they admire students taking on a nursing career.

    i must say that OB has been my LEAST favorite rotation so far but the nurses were outstanding. so willing to teach and they were very patient with us. docs were too.

    i don't think i've had a "worst clinical day." those are the highlight of my week.
  2. by   Gator,SN
    To PEEPS: you are so funny! The male students in my class have to wear that ugly zippered shirt to clinical too. One of the guys brought in a picture from the 1950's and said that he looked like one of the orderly's in a mental institution, and he was right!! LOL

    As far as my worst clinical, I was in the LTC facility and my patients had 17 meds. After researching each and every one I thought that it would be a piece of cake.......During my conversation with her it got very quiet and I saw my instuctor outside the room with the medcart. I nervously blurted, "Hildy, I am going to give you all your morning meds today, isin't that neat???"

    She said, "if you say so....."

    The instuctor started laughing loudly out in the hall, and so I went out to see what was going on.

    She said,"I think you are more excited about it than she is!!!":imbar

    UGH!!! I wanted to hide!
  3. by   NurseAngie
    originally posted by obnurseheather
    just wanted to pop in and say i'm glad to see you've all been having good experiences!

    i would personally like to apologize for any nurse that treats you any other way.

    and if it's bad, please please come work with me! i love students! i just talk, talk, talk, teach, teach, teach!


    have you ever considered teaching nursing students?? sounds like you'd be perfect!

    originally posted by nurseangie
    have you ever considered teaching nursing students?? sounds like you'd be perfect!
    i'd really love to angie! but that would involve returning to school, and that isn't something i'm interested in.

  5. by   elusive
    Have to say MOST of the nurses were really great where i was, first rotation ROCKED! they were great....second rotation was iffy...a lot of the nurses i think should change their profession there...very bitter...but thats ontario health care for you..i found some of them to be very bitter at everyone and everything...and theyd throw hissy fits if they didnt have a student to "help" them, as is id rather have you take 3 of my 4 patients so i can sit on my ass... (ok maybe im bitter too ) but i still love it, dont let the "bad" nurses get you down...just remember to think, if i ever feel like that i'll change jobs love to all, best wishes in clinical!
  6. by   elusive
    Oh and not to be totally bitter at all of them, the ones who were good were great...very helpful... (aside : look at that i guess 15 posts makes you a "member") Thank you to all those nurses who are a help to the students and are interested in helping us and teaching us...not using us to make beds
  7. by   susanmary
    Love having clinicals on my unit -- student nurses bring such enthusiasm and "I will make a difference" attitude to the floors. Just thinking about their first day when they all have that "deer in the headlights look -- can't you just visualize it now? Student nurses, we were all in your shoes at one time; please remember that not everyone is going to be supportive -- you will need to seek out support whether you are a student nurse or an experienced nurse. Come prepared.

    One solid word of advise -- ask questions -- don't be afraid of looking foolish. Smart, experienced nurses continue to ask questions. It's not possible to know everything - the trick is to know WHO/WHERE to go to find the information. Also, please remember to come to clinicals early. If you want to make a good impression & set up solid work habits -- be ready to get report on time. It's unsettling for nurses to get report -- only to have students stroll in 10 minutes late -- I have found this to be consistent clinical after clinical -- year after year.

    Focus on the positive and do your best. Clinical is one aspect of your nursing experience. Keep your chin up, study alot, ask questions -- and take good care of YOURSELF and your loved ones. You matter.

  8. by   PRICESN
    I just completed the third semester of my ADN program, just two more to go. I have enjoyed all of my clinical experiences. Occasionally, you come across a grumpy nurse but for the most part they have been wonderful and eager to teach. The grumpy ones for the most part I figured were just having a bad day. Only two things have occurred that upset me. One was a patient who needed a foley put in and asked me if I would do it and the nurse I was working with told her no that she would do it. I was perfectly able and willing to put in a foley. The other was a lady in the second stage of labor, and the nurse midwife asked her if she needed to pee. She said yes and I got a bedpan. There were about 6 people in the room and the midwife asked me to leave. No one else had to leave. Granted I am male, but when her water broke they didn't tell me to leave, they wanted me to clean it up. I also came back in to watch the delivery. Anyway just venting, I love nursing and cannot wait to start my career. My favorite areas have been NICU, mother/baby, and L&D. Next semester we do Psych and more medsurg. We start on Aug 15 and I am counting the days.
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    I remember this one--very unusual and has not happened to me since!--
    Had a pt who was scheduled for surgery and of course, she was NPO. We came on the floor during breakfast, and oops! there was her tray. I asked her if she'd eaten or drank anything, and she said no--several times. The food appeared untouched, as did the drink.
    About an hour later, anesthesia came up to give the pt a pre-op sedative. It took effect quickly. By the time they got the pt. to surgery, the pt was so loopy that when they asked if she ate breakfast, she said yes.
    That doc came blasting on the floor in scrubs and YELLED at me for giving the pt the food, accusing me of causing a necessary surgery to be cancelled.
    I was so mad!! I just stood my ground and defended myself after the doc was finished yelling. But did she hear me? No, she just turned on her heel and left.
    As I explained to my instructor, the pt. was waaaaaay sedated when she left the floor, so that was probably the real culprit.
    But don't despair; this stuff happens so rarely it was a first and a last for me.
    Thank goodness!
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    as i think back to lpn clinicals, i have all good thoughts about them and the two clinical rotations that stick out are surgery and er! i am looking forward to my rn clinical rotations! august seems soooo faaarrr awayyyy!
  11. by   ShannonRN2010
    I had a nurse last quarter try to make me look stupid in fron tof my instructor...but that back fired on her. Thi s qurater everyone left us alone really....
    I think you have some nurses who remember how hard it is and are really great with the students and help them....then you have the nurses who just could care less...I don't like them nurses.
  12. by   emily_mom
    I haven't had any bad experiences with nurses...just instructors. For my maternity rotation we had a new instructor who happened to be a OB/GYN NP (you would think she would know what she was doing). We ended up following nurses around for 2 weeks b/c she was so unorganized. When I went for my evaluation, she asked me if I had charted that I removed a woman's foley, IV, and Rhogam shot. HELLO?? That was 3 weeks ago!!!!! If I didn't, should I go to the hospital and fill in a 'late entry'?? HAHAHAHA....