Hooray!!!!school Time Is Almost Here!!!

  1. HOORAY!!!! It's almost time for school to start back up again! January 7th is right around the corner! Hurry! Hurry! Oh please Hurry!!!!
    Kids go back and I go back too!

    Especially KIDS go back!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!WOOHOO!!!HOORAY!!!!

    PS Get to go pick up my books for next semester tomorrow! I'm going bright and early so I can look thru them before I go back!
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  3. by   NurzofFaith

    I am with you!! My kids start back to school on Thurs. the 3rd and I go
    back the 14th...for one final semester!!!

    This has actually been a great break for myself and my kids. They
    havent fought like normal (thank God) and I have really enjoyed being
    a mom and wife without the juggle of classes.

    I am finding myself a little nervous about this coming semester!
    Four years is a long time and this is it...the last semester!! I have
    waited to get to this point for so long and now in 16 weeks..I will
    be thrown into the real world! I am also excited about being a nurse
    and starting my first job, although I havent chosen a position or area
    yet I have interests. Anyone else torn between what area to begin in?

    Best of luck to you all!!
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    I am also excited about starting.... Can't say starting back, because I start my first semester of the ADN program on the 7th... But nonetheless, I am still anxious... I am going to get my books tomorrow too.. Also have to get our 100+page syllabus and start the first objectives..

  5. by   KristaB
    My kids and I go back on the 3rd! I'm *really* looking forward to having them back in school!

    I finally finished my reading assignment for Friday. I decided not to procrastinate before the start of the quarter.

  6. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by nurs2b
    i am also excited about starting.... can't say starting back, because i start my first semester of the adn program on the 7th... but nonetheless, i am still anxious... i am going to get my books tomorrow too.. also have to get our 100+page syllabus and start the first objectives..

    i'm so excited for you nurs2b!!! have you been taking any support classes/pre-reqs? even though i took a year to get the support classes out of the way, i can remember those butterflies the first day of nursing class.

    good luck to all of us nerds looking forward to classes starting.

    the only thing i have studied over break was the book for the clep test on comp 2 which i'm taking friday.

    regular classes start monday the 7th!!!!
  7. by   giftedRN
    hey guys,

    I am happy to be going back to school soon. I will be through with my prerequisites this year to start my clinicals next year hopefully!

    Ohhh I am so happy and although this year is going to mean real hard work, I have prepared myself for the challenge. I will try to get my books monday because it is best for me yo get them when school starts as I will not have to change books if changes come about.

    I wish you all a prosperous New Year, more prosperous than you can imagine and let me hope that we will continue to excel as nursing students

    Ann.( University Of South Florida)
  8. by   Ortho_RN
    Sandra.. I have gotten all those extra classes completed.. So all I have to concentrate on are the nursing classes... Can't tell if the butterflies I have are excitement or fear... Probably a lil of both hehe
  9. by   Mkue
    Hello All,

    I can't wait to start back, my two kids at home will both be back before the 7th and I don't go back until the 14th. I am so excited to go back even thinking about adding another course and that will make 17 credit hours. Don't worry they are all courses to get out of the way. I just hope I can do it !

    Last semester I only had 12 credit hours and felt that it was not enough !

    I'm going to try to keep a positive attitude and maybe that will help !

    I wish you all the best !

    GO NERDS !!!!

  10. by   zacarias

    Ok Julie and others, when you guys started talking about how excited and ready you were to get back to school, I at first thought y'all had to be out of your minds!! LOL After my first quarter of nursing, I wanted those vacation weeks to go by SLOOOOOOOOOWLY...and now it's less than a week till Jan 7th!
    Ok, now the truth is...since I just recently started to read the requisite chapters for Pharmacology, I'm getting into it and am too ready to face the experience that is nursing school!

  11. by   peaceful2100
    Well, I am all ready to go, I have got rid of a lot of emotional baggage. I have most of my books for next semester already. I have been working on IV calculations and critical care/pediatric calculations the more I work at them the easier they become. I have been reviewing fluids/electrolytes. I am so motivated and something I have not felt deep down for a long time. Anyone can superficially feel motivated but you have to feel it in your heart. Problem is I never felt motivated deep down in my mind, body and soul. I have just discovered an early Birthday gift. My 22nd b-day is Jan.8th. My cousin could not wait to tell me but this weekend we are getting away to the spa and we will go shopping and my parents have agreed to keep my daughter for the whole weekend. There is this really nice spa and we are going before I start back up next week and she also starts her first semester of nursing school next week and she is going to the same nursing school I am so that will be exciting. Well, This a new year and I am beginning a new life. No looking back to the past, too many hurtful memories and I can't let that stop me anymore because I have so many dreams and so many plans now.

    I have a new signature line and it is something that I believe in and something that will be my motivation and source of strength. I listen to gospel music and It is one of my favorite songs. It is called I can't give up now by MaryMary and that is where the quote is from.

    Have to go now, I am busy studying.
  12. by   pkmom
    huh, I wish my kid could go to school too. he's only 15 months so I have to try to find something for him to do while i attempt to study. I wish the kid would just watch barney and be happy like the other kids his age!
  13. by   Lausana
    Hi All!

    I don't go back to class until the 14th--and I can't wait. Last week, I was so bored! I had several vacation days plus holidays-which was too much, I spent so much time with family they started to drive me crazy!! mkue, you crack me up-12 hours not enough?! I'm taking 14 this semester & decided that was plenty, so that I don't have to live like a total recluse again this semester! (but I probably will anyways ): Plus I don't think I could afford any more books.

    Good luck everyone!
  14. by   USA987
    You all are sooooo lucky! My kids don't go back to school until January 15th (they go to a year-round school)! AND I don't get to go back to school until June. The LVN-to-RN program that I'm entering only starts a new session once a year. I can't stand that I'll be out of the "study mode" for the next six months !!

    Good luck and enjoy the rest of your break!