Home Health Nursing?

  1. Anyone here considering Home Health Nursing? Do they hire new grads?
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  3. by   marilynmom
    I am definatly considering Home Health nursing. I would love to work with infants and children. I think it would be great to get to know families and have a more personal experience.

    I'm not sure if they hire new grads though around here and I'm not sure who to call to find out either. I do know it pays more than regular nursing too.

  4. by   colleen10
    I have been considering it. Although, I don't know much about it as I am just starting my nursing classes this fall.

    I did work as a temp. at a Home Health/Hospice office and they did hire one brand new grad as an RN.

    It sounds like most places (not just HH but other types of specialties) want you to have at least one year of Med-Surg. or floor nursing experience. But I imagine that requirement is different depending on where you live and how bad the shortage is in your area.
  5. by   KimmyKat
    i guess they make pretty good salaries too, my mother had hospice care and it was $138 every time the nurse walked through the door. i would think that not so much supervision would be nice too, even with the added responsibility.
  6. by   renerian
    Hahahah I worked for home health for 11 years. The job I left after two years by the time you figured out my drive time, office time and patient care time, I made between 8 to 11 per hour. yes I am an RN. The key is to find a company that puts you in areas so you are not driving all over the earth LOL. Most companies want one year of experience since you are in the home alone and no one else is there to come look. You call the Dr. and give them an accurate assessment. You have to be assertive enough to ask for what you want and have the skills developed to know what that is. Does that make sense?

    Alot of home health nurses make good money it just depends on if your assigned areas, if you are paid hourly, salary or per visit, on call time/pay, office and drive time pay if any.

    Does that help?

  7. by   renerian
    The high rate your talking about is the bill rate, not the pay rate. Very different.

  8. by   Carolanne
    Very interesting facts to keep in mind. Home health nursing has always appealed to me too. I would think you would need at least a year's hosp. experience to have a little more "seasoning" so when you walk into a home, you're not blind as to what to do, you have no one to run to for help. Makes sense to me. It's a field I am interested in for sure. I watched the public health and hospice nurses care for my father for about six months and I thought they were awesome. I always thought it would be a really interesting and fulfilling job.
  9. by   confused101
    In Columbus, Ohio they don't take fresh new grads! I asked about it at the local Hospical facility. It is a very rewarding job though.
  10. by   renerian
    Actually in Columbus I know one who has hired new grads once or twice but they did not work out both times I was there are they were overwhelmed by the driving and the OASIS paperwork.