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How am i going to pay for this?? Private School is expensive :( I am kind of having 2nd thoughts about school. Might have to wait to get into a state school. The problem is i don't want... Read More

  1. by   Jennerizer
    Wow.....I can't imagine ever paying that much for an education when you don't have to. No student loans here...I pay as I go (ADN program) & won't have to worry about making payments for the next 10 or 20 years of my life after graduation. Good luck to you all!
  2. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Bonnie Blue,

    How did you get your license and MSN in two years?
  3. by   renerian
    Dang my son is going to a technical school and they told him his entire ADN was going to be around 10,000.

  4. by   sbic56
    Originally posted by renerian
    Dang my son is going to a technical school and they told him his entire ADN was going to be around 10,000.

    That is about what the community college here charges, everything included for the entire program. I can't see paying any more than that. Some are willing to pay for the prestige factor. I say, if you are certain that the high tuition is going to be a good investment for you, go for it, otherwise don't set yourself up to be paying off loans for the next 10 years.
  5. by   PJMommy
    I'd just add that my school is also a private university and for the year program tuition & fees are nearly $30K. But I'm not paying a penny of that. It was exactly as another poster mentioned...they have such great aid and scholarships that they don't expect people are really paying this amount out of pocket. I'm committed to their affiliated teaching hospital for 4 years after graduation but it happens to be a great hospital and a great place to work.

    Contrasting my school to the state U. where I received my first degree, I can tell you that the private school is much more supportive. Professors are available and willing to help, financial aid falls over backwards looking for more grants or money for living expenses, class sizes are small, etc. Now saying all that, I would not have gone if it meant I'd be buried in debt for 10 years or more. I took all my pre-reqs at a community college and then weighed my options. The state U. cost $9,000 a year for two years but they had very LITTLE aid available other than loans.

    Bottom line, ask if they have any agreements with hospitals or, better yet, if you know where you want to work, ask that facility if they'll foot part or all of the bill if you commit to work for them after graduation.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   CseMgr1
    Originally posted by hobbes

    Thanks for your response. I'm in the Atlanta metro area and there are several schools I'm thinking about applying to, one of them in Emory University with a $24,000/yr price tag. At first I just laughed and wondered who in their right mind would pay $24,000/yr for 2-3 years for a nursing degree. However, you make a good point about the schools not expecting most of the students to be able to pay that amount and they probably have deeper pockets than public schools. I think I probably will apply now just to see how much aid they'll offer me if I get accepted.
    Holy Cow, Chris!.....I'm an old Diploma Graduate, and the school I attended in Atlanta back in the late 70's and early 80's cost $1,800/year! I just can't IMAGINE paying out that kind of money (even if I had it)! For that amount, they should be handing out solid gold diplomas!
  7. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    My daughter has looked into going to Mississippi's Womens College and University of South Alabama for a 4 year BSN. The costs were outragous...

    She is leaning toward the community college that I'm currently enrolled. The local hospital is offering to pay her fees if she works 6mths for ever sem. Then, she can transfer over to USA and complete her BSN in ~1 year (class every other weekend). Not only will her costs be lower, she will cut time by ~1 year. Same BSN; less time and money...

    It has been my experience, that the only time a degree from a major university benefits you is when the minor university degree and the major university are running against each other to get the particular job.
  8. by   dosamigos76
    I'm going to our local Community College and the college charges $43 a credit. Our college has 100% pass rates on NCLEX-PN and RN! You can't beat that! Once I have my acceptance letter from the Nursing Department, I will be eligible for free tuition from the WIA program at the Job Service Office.
    Good luck!
  9. by   PhePhe
    Back in 1976, my community college tuition was $100 a semester! Of course, this was in Canada, where schools are less expensive.