HEY!! The "Guy's" Club

  1. Come on in...

    I have read your posts and noticed that some of you have been on the BB for a while. And, other have not. Therefore, let me welcome you all...

    In regards to you all being male. It is my PO that this BB does not see gender. That is unless it is for dx purposes. On this BB, we need each others experiences and brains. Am I wrong Ladies?

    Welcome boys!!
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  3. by   det01
    You are so right! Some of the best future nurses I know are male. I have also had some very nice male nurses lately!

    I was looking around during the first orientation on Thursday and I saw several men in the group. They said there was just over 300 of us and the area I was sitting in had about 1/4 guys. Not sure about the other 3 sections..it was kind of hard to see all over the room.

    Anyways...we are all in this together whether male or female!
  4. by   rnnurse2be
    Welcome welcome welcome... whether you are male or female...this board is gender friendly to all!

  5. by   nursing 101
    I just told them that we will be butting in their club whther they like it or not...:chuckle
    Just my way of welcoming them
    Welcome guys
  6. by   KAYfutureLPN
    that's right.
  7. by   twarlik
    I've been visiting this board for a few months now and I have always found it very friendly. There has been the occasional mean person, but who cares about them...Just because some guys have started a thread about the "guys club" doesn't mean that the men are trying to isolate themselves. The christian nurses have a thread, the atheists have theirs...AND whether anyone admits it or not, this board is often very centered around female issues. Not a complaint, just an observation. So, let us guys have our "club". Doesn't mean we don't like you girls.
  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Well certainly you guys should have a club. Please do not misunderstand the intent of the thread.

    I have very few males in my nursing class and I see how different things can be for them. I put forth extra effort to promote positive things for them. They are my friends. And, I need them just as much as they need me. In short, we need your opinions and experiences and advice. Just like the next "person".

    Take care
  9. by   NurseDixie
    Welcome all! We're all here to help one another!
  10. by   MATTHEWCAIN
    Hey all.....I am new to the board. After 10 years in a horrible, ego-driven business, I have decided to go to nursing school. I am so happy about the prospect of dedicating my life to a craft that will satisfy me both emotionally and spiritually. Any advice or suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

    Love to all.....

    Matthew Cain
  11. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hey matthew, Welcome!! Have you seen the "real" Guys Club Thread? If not, check it out. There are many men posting to that site (and an occasional female ). Anyway, if you have any specific questions just build your thread. Everyone on this BB are very helpful. The insite is incrediable.

    Good Luck!!
  12. by   agent
    I used to run the Under M1 Club at the student doctor network.

    When I decided that nursing would be a better fit for me and my family, I started posting here while I try to get into a local nursing program.

    I made the Guys Club cause I was interested if there were other guys out there like me.

    No offense to the women I just wanted to have a role call. Thanks for accepting us.. and guys.. back to the clubhouse !!! :chuckle
  13. by   ST_NURSE_MLD

    No offense taken by this women. I've noticed your "role call" is building and building. Keep us posted on what's going on with school.....
  14. by   MandyInMS
    Dear Alfalfa,
    Go ahead and have your "He-Man Woman Haters Club"

    hehe.. just teasin' ...enjoy your club
    p.s.-above ref to "Little Rascals" for all you youngins who may not know...lol