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I am not sure what to do anymore. I have just taken the hesi exit exam for the 4th time and got an 845 and needed an 850 in order to get my transcripts. We can take it as many times as needed by the... Read More

  1. by   rdcd1996
    thanks for the advice I am really nervous about HESI
  2. by   rdcd1996
    congratulations on passing the HESI
  3. by   ziggles
    Wow!! Jolly you are truly a inspiration. I'm currently studying to retake the HESI for the third time in November and must pass with a 900 to take my boards, my last score was a 806. Is it possible you could pm me that information also I would be ever so appreciative for the help? I've been studying everyday using Saunders, Nclex 3500, hurst videos, ati videos books and the list goes on.
  4. by   mia1976
    UUggh...I am so tired of this hesi...WE took it for the third time and only three people passed out of nineteen...We have to pay over six hundred dollars for a remediate and then we have two more shots at the hesi...I am so tired of this....but i am going to hang in there and do the best I can....But I am will continue to trust the Lord and refuse to let this delay discourage me from accomplishing my dreams...
  5. by   SusanneCollins13
    I am sorry Mia, but it is great to see you hang in there. I have to retake mine tomorrow and I am of course very nervous as well. So cross your fingers for me tomorrow please. I am on the fourth try! I wonder what the highest number was that someone ever took this aweful rotten test. I am trying to stay focused and positive though and with a little luck...I may even have good news tomorrow night.
  6. by   mia1976
    Thanks Susanne, I pray everything goes well..We have to make a nine hundred...U will probably be taking version four...Let me know how it goes and if you can remember anything on version four, please let me know..I would greatly appreciate it...But whatever happens, God is in control...
  7. by   SusanneCollins13
    I did not pass this version either. It was strange, because it read. Exit version four, retake three.

    There were some strange math problems on this one too. I think one I rounded wrong, because I never rounded inbetween math problems Hmm I have not received my test results yet via online. I wonder, maybe we should open a stream here and discuss some questions that others remember and make one long thread. That might help others to look at material in a more specific manner.

    I do not feel to bad though. I made at least my highest score today with a 867. I need a 900. Therefore, studying material definiately helps. I also did well this time in not changing my answers. Last time I changed 18 times from the right into the wrong. This time I noticed I done it six times. So my goal is to really listen even more to my instinct. I feel a bit more confident and I will this time study questions more and material that I am still weak in. So its back to :typingfor another three weeks until version five pops up. BTW. I believe the versions are all mixed, I received before a copy from a student who had version three and his differed from my version three. So I would not really go by that. I have noticed that some topics seem to be discussed over and over again. Every test I have had so far has Vitamine K. Positions with Maternity etc. I think I might compile my list and focuse on subject that I specifically missed.
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  8. by   sw33tbebe143
    Hi everyone I am in the same boat....I will be taking HESI for the 3rd time on tues....does anyone have any pointers on Exit Version 3 Retake 2...i need all the help i can get..im willing to help as well....thanks
  9. by   mar28mel
    We just took exit exam version 2 retake. It was my third time. We have taken version 3...do you think that would help?
  10. by   sw33tbebe143
    Anything could help at this point....was your version 3 a retake? Can you please give me some pointers? Thank you sooo much!
  11. by   mar28mel
    Our test was just version 3. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I am in the same boat. On my last exam I made a 897 and we have to have a 900. Now we have to remediate for 4 weeks and we get two more chances. I will gladly get you what I have. Mayber we could exchange info..
  12. by   sw33tbebe143
    definitely....how can we exchange info though since we cant post emails here...OMG wow an 897....just 3 points that is sooo frustrating.....i can give you any reviews i have as well...
  13. by   sw33tbebe143
    do you have any study tips for version 3? i will be taking it on tuesday....