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I am not sure what to do anymore. I have just taken the hesi exit exam for the 4th time and got an 845 and needed an 850 in order to get my transcripts. We can take it as many times as needed by the... Read More

  1. by   kasendamiles86
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  2. by   gone2waste
    Hi everyone,
    At my school we only got 3 attempts at the HESI even though they allowed us to walk during the graduation ceremony we did not officially graduate. My highest score was 837 on the second test and on the third try I did my absolute worst at 721. No more tries, no remediation or anything. All my years ofhard work and determination gone to waste. While in the nursing program I made the majority of B's and some C's in class grades but none of that counted for anything. Now to even be an LPN I have to start over after going and passing all them courses in the RN program. I feel robbed of my dreams. How do you feel about this? Do you know of any other nursing prgrams that would accept me without starting me completely over. some of us have thought about getting a lawyer, what do you thingk? Please reply.
  3. by   gone2waste
    Hi could you email me your school name and its policy on the HESI. I attended SAU and we got three attempts. Sorry to say about 12 of us didn't make it and now we're kicked to the curb. No remediation or another try yet. So i'm trying to find more schools that allow more than 3 attempts in hopes of convincing our school to change their policy a little.
  4. by   SusanneCollins13
    There are some schools that do not require hesi at all. chicago I think is working on it and then there is New York. Hesi supposely got banned there. I do not know specfic schools, but I know in Maryland there is also a school who does not require Hesi. I am with Columbus State University in GA. They require of you to make a 900 on the Hesi we have about 9 attempts to make 900. We still have some students left sitting and I believe they have two more attempts and they will have the same problem that you have. I would start knocking on some doors and just start calling up schools ask:

    If they require Hesi, if so what points and how many attempts you have.

    If they would consider a students who failed hesi to attend their school and what classes might be able to transfer.

    I agree with you, its a shame that you spend so much time on your RN and then you are stuck like this. I understand their reasoning, but I also believe that there should be some way to retain your degree. For example: I know that our students gladly would retake a semester to see if they can pass Hesi then. At least then they have a shot to still become an RN. I think if you knock on enough doors and ask and talk to their schools you will find one who will eventually take you. Likely, you will have to repeat some courses though. I did see that Troy State University in Alabama takes people who failed prior, but I think you will have to take some courses for theirs before they allow you to retake hesi. Their score I think is 850. Good luck to you and keep us updated on what you will do and what will happen.

    With a laywer,I think its hard to fight this, because if they made hesi a requirement of one of your courses ( which they did with us, they said hesi exit exam is part of our preceptorship) then you technically failed a course. In our school you only can fail one time; so what they did, they said we have a summer course for remediation ( which cost us 1000 dollars) and there was not too much remediation happening we only met once a week even if that. Therefore if you did not pass over the summer and the two attempts afterward it is considered a failing in Preceptorship. Never hurts to ask a laywer though. I think if you can get a lot of students from that school ( more then 12 though ) try to fight this your chances might be better.
  5. by   gone2waste
    What would you say was your best study tip for the HESI and how many times did you have to take it.
  6. by   SusanneCollins13
    I took it five times and passed on the fifth time. I think for me it was mainly nerves. I had high scores, but could not reach 900. I had 852;820;785;867 and then 952.

    I do not know how to study for that thing. It seemed weired and if I were to do it again over I would do questions left and right. I do not think I would chase other peoples copies of Hesi. Looking back, I think that did not really help me at all. I also study the hesi book and that did help me out with my OB.
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    OMGoodness to the person who does not get their RN. I believe you will have to start over if you transfer. Atleast the nursing school part, not prereq but clinical and the like. At my school you have two attempts to tak) the Hesi (850) and you will not get your BSN. They offer you a remedial course and two more times to take it and you have to settle on a bachelor of science degree w/o nursing on the end. Next if you want more remediation and another two chances. I am not sure if there is a limit on how many times you can remediate. The class is not a part of the 1 course failure (if you fail you get kicked out of the program). I guess as long as you pay you (600$ for remediation, 48$ every time you take the hesi, remediation sucks by the way) can take it however many times you want. I know one person had to take it 7 times (2186$) , IDK if that was the max or if he just happend to pass. Man I'm running out of $$$$ myself. I was on a scholarship I had no idea classes cost so much. But I will keep trying as long as I have the funds until I pass hopefully on my 5th attempt sometime this fall. Good luck to the person who may have to change schools, you'll figure it out.
  9. by   kasendamiles86
    Also for those who are trying to find an exam how can you be sure you will get #4 because it is your 4th attempt. v-1 and v-2 I believe may be the same. For v-3 some of my friends got a v-3 some said v-2 retake but it was the same exam/ had the same questions. Also while we took the exam at my school everyone who took it at the same time had the same exam (ex. 9-11 group all had the same exam but the 12-3 group all had the same exam but a different exam from the 9-11 group). My friend took it the third time and failed but her exam said v-5 the next time she passed with v-3. My v-4 was not v-4 but v-5. You never know what exam you're going to get. Susanne idk how you passed with v-5 bc that joker was the hardest by far. There were alot of put them in order (5-6) and a generous amount of math problems (not difficult). It seemed like every other question was put it in order I think that's when I started freaking out bc I never had so many previously. I had hotspot questions (fundus, baby in certain position where would you here the HR, where would you hear these breath sounds). So fishing for a certain exam is not wise bc really you have no idea what version you are going to get.
  10. by   niravunc
    Hey Jolly, could you please send me whatever you have to help for the HESI? My fiancee is a senior nursing student and is having trouble passing the HESI...I got on here to look for tips for her...I would really appreciate it if you could send that stuff my way...Thanks!
  11. by   dc2mendoza
    hey can you help me out too! im taking the version 4 exit tomorrow!!!!
  12. by   dc2mendoza
    im about to take version 4 exit tomorrow! can someone send me some of their notes to help me out thanks!
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    hi everyone does anyone have something on version 4, I am taking my 3rd attempt soon. I have version 3 in exchange...Please help....