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I am not sure what to do anymore. I have just taken the hesi exit exam for the 4th time and got an 845 and needed an 850 in order to get my transcripts. We can take it as many times as needed by the... Read More

  1. by   SusanneCollins13
    BTW I am still checking to see if I they send me version five on evolve, but so far they have not done so.
  2. by   mar28mel
    I PASSED my hesi yesterday!!!! Thank God this is over!!!
  3. by   SusanneCollins13
    So happy for you Mar28!!! I wish you the best of luck on your Nclex. nbch::tbsk::clphnds:
  4. by   ***Blessed***
    Quote from mar28mel
    I PASSED my hesi yesterday!!!! Thank God this is over!!!
  5. by   SusanneCollins13
    Hey Jasmine I cant remember...you passed yours already too? Right.
  6. by   KADEINN
  7. by   SusanneCollins13

    Leave me a PN with your Email. I got something for you.
  8. by   struggling with Hesi
    Is there anywhere to get practice tests for the Hesi?
  9. by   SusanneCollins13
    You can contact Evolve and they have several practice tests that you can use. However, they cost money. Maybe your school has a contract with them. I would first go to your school and ask if there is a way to get through them if they already deal with Hesi they might be able to get not only you practice tests, but also for the others in your class. That is what our school did for us. This way we did not have to pay for the individual tests. Good luck to youl
  10. by   SusanneCollins13
    KadeInn: Did you receive what I send you?
  11. by   kasendamiles86
    Hi guys I wrote a thread but I'll come here. I failed the HESI for the 4th time friday. I had v1 799, v2 790, v3 825 v5 779 (I need an 850 to pass). What helped you guys pass? Is there any remediation outside of school that helps bc I do not believe the remediation my school uses helps at all. I have the HESI book, Saunders Comprehensive Review, and the Saunders Q &A. Clearly my study habits are not helping me pass this thing. I need support from ppl who passed specifically retakers who know where I am right now emotionally. Thanks everyone
  12. by   struggling with Hesi
    Thank you.
  13. by   Jennielex02
    Quote from mar28mel
    I PASSED my hesi yesterday!!!! Thank God this is over!!!
    Congrats, Let me know if you get my email in time for your friend I'm crossing my fingers!!!