1. Does your school require you to take the Hesi. If so do you have to pass it? With what? How do you study for the hesi? We have to make an 85 to progress to the next semester when your finished with program you have to make a 90 before you can take boards. THIS SUCKS!
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  3. by   PJMommy
    Hmmm...I'm stumped. What's a Hesi? I guess I don't have to take it because I've never heard of it? We have math tests every semester where we have to make a 90 to do clinicals.
  4. by   meownsmile
    The school i attended requires it to be passed before you graduate. They give it last semester,, a week before finals and tell you that you have to pass it with a 85,, or retake,, they give you 3 shots,, and if you dont pass it,, you dont graduate and have to remediate your last semester. Which stinks because that puts you back another year. Cant remediate in fall,3rd semester.
    Dont worry to much,, study as if you were taking your boards. Regardless how much you study,, you will still walk out wondering where they got those questions. If you get decent grades you will probly be ok with some brushing up.
  5. by   AppyHorseFan
    we have to take the hesi a total of 3 times during our program, at the end of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters. it is set up to cover the material we have covered up to that point. so, it is customized by your program (from what i understand). our school rules are if you do not pass with an 85, you have to do remediation. i just took mine last friday and made an 85.88...whew!!! just barely passed. the test is graded very strangely (imo), but it has all the areas broken down and gives you grades on each system, medications, or other area, etc. with the graded sheet, you can look and see where you need to brush up on your knowledge base. you can get all questions correct in say the cardiac area, but the most you can make on that section is 99.99.

    i did not study or review for the test. just went in, calmly sat down, took a deep breath, and plunged in. it took me just over an hour to complete. there is some study material available, i don't have the website handy, but type in a search for "hesi" and you shouldn't have any problems finding the official site.

    good luck.
  6. by   allthingsbright
    here are the hesi dowloadable test questions:


    good luck,
  7. by   katieRNlove
    At our school we have a 7 quarter rn program. We have to take the HESI at the end of our 4th quarter and again before we graduate. We also have to have an 85 to pass and get retrys if we don't. If we don't pass it the first time, you have to take a refresher course. If you don't pass it before graduation you can take it again twice. I don't think we have to pass it to graduate though
  8. by   flemmac
    How many questions are on the Hesi Test for the PN exit exam? I am so nervous about having to take this test. I ordered material from the HESI website, but its for RN review, not LPN review.
  9. by   memphisgurl
  10. by   Mithrah
    I get to take the HESI exam in one week. Our instructor informed us that there will be 200 questions on it (for PN). That is more than the real boards! I don't think we have to get a minimum score to pass. It basically just tells us if we are likely to pass the state boards.
  11. by   nekhismom
    Our school requires a HESI to enter the program, then one after fundamentals, each part of Med-Surg and following OB. Our last semester is a med-surg semester, and if you don't pass that HESI, you don't graduate. You get 3 tries to pass, and you have to pass each one to advance to the next semester with the exception of the one following fundamentals. The instructors set their own level for passing, but HESI says 85 is passing and 90 is recommended. My 1st semester of Med-Surg, our instructor designated 80 as passing. I made a 79.99, so I failed the first time, even though I had an A in the class. I retested, and I made a 99.99. There's no way to study, but the questions are sort of like NCLEX style questions.
  12. by   EmeraldNYL
    We take the HESI after every major course (psych, OB, Adult Health, Community/Leadership, etc). It usually counts for 5-10% of our grade for that course. We have to take the comprehensive HESI at the end of the program and pass with an 85% to graduate. If we score lower than an 85%, we must retake Senior Seminar. I have been studying by listening to review tapes and just doing as many questions from my NCLEX books as I can.
  13. by   flemmac
    I'm told we have to make a 85 on our test or they make us stay back for 5 weeks to do remediation then take the test again. I don't know what happens if you fail it the second time around.
  14. by   flemmac
    Good luck next week Mithrah. Let us know how you come out.