Hep B vaccine? Freaking out!

  1. So I just got my clinical requirements letter and it says I have to have the HEP B vaccine. I got my first dose today, get my second next month and my third will not be for 6 more months! I start school in Sept!

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I hope they let me start clinicals!! I have a call into the school and am waiting for a call back but I'm freaking here! I mean, I just got this letter the other day! They didn't even give a 6 months advance notice!
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  3. by   floridanurse65
    Shouldn't be a problem. They only required that I had been given the first dose. Granted this was years ago, but someone correct me, I thought that the Hep B was voluntary now. At least it is at any facility I have ever worked.
  4. by   maryloufu
    Call the school and ask- I think if you show that you are already in progress of getting the shots it will be ok. I had to actually have 4 shots before the titer was positive.
  5. by   jmgrn65
    it will ok as long as you start the series you will be protected.
  6. by   BoonersmomRN
    My school just wanted me to sign a waiver that I would finish the series out. As it is I did and didn't develop immunity...so am back for another round now.
  7. by   prmenrs
    #3 is 6 months from the date of #1, if that helps. Hope all goes well.
  8. by   danh3190
    A lot of people in my class were in the same situation as you and had no problem. Our school also lets you sign a waiver anyhow.
  9. by   GottaGetIn
    AGGHHH!!! I'm totally getting the run around from my school right now. I left a voice message for the girl that handles the immunizations yesterday. She never called me back so you can bet I called her back this morning.

    She was not nice. Just kept saying she'd have to call me back after she got confirmation from the Dean of Health Services. She said she might not even call me back today.

    I just got the letter with the health requirements TWO weeks ago! There wasn't even enough notice to get it all done. Can they really assume that everyone has had a the Hep B series?

    I have busted my a$$ for two years to get into this program. If ONE dose puts me out of the game I will FREAK!