Help Urgent!!

  1. okay this may not be urgent to you guys but i am in dire need of some answers. please help. i need to know why you want to be nurses. whatwas your inspiration? this is for a paper that is due like now so please help me asap!!! thanx a million :d
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    procrastination at it's finest. :chuckle

    i wanted to be a nurse because i can never remember NOT wanting to be a nurse. i'm just happy that my dream comes with a decent paycheck and job stability (for now). i also factor in that i have 2 children and didn't want to work 5-6 days a week. this way i can work 3 twelves and my week is done.

    good luck with the paper.
  4. by   maire
    I've always been fascinated by the human body, but when I got pregnant for the first time I really got into the whole development of the fetus, body changes in moms-to-be, and labor and delivery just fascinated and captivated me. I just love pregnant ladies and new babies.:chuckle
    When I was in the hospital, I saw the way the nurses treated me, how they treated other patients and families, I asked them a lot of questions about what they did and how they felt about their job, and decided then and there that that's what I wanted to do. And here I am, steadily plugging away to make my dream a reality.
  5. by   farmmom
    I started off wanting to be a nurse because my grandmother was treated rottenly in a nursing home when I was little
    then I watched my grandfather die slowly of cancer in and out of hospitals
    I went to work as a nurses aid in ltc and fell in love with the work and helping people
  6. by   Jenn_RN
    I always wanted to have something to do with medicine, but as I grew up, it shifted as my hobbies and life interests changed. When I was a child, I wanted to be a veterenarian. When I got a little older, it was a pharmacist, then a forensic pathologist (during the moody teenage years, lol). When it was time to go to college my interest was nursing, but my parents said "no way" to that one very quickly due to the huge AIDS scare at the time. I wound up getting a BS in Environmental health and haven't used it a day in my life. I got married, had two kids and found that, while pregnant and then delivering both babies, the nursing urge was stronger than ever and it just wouldn't leave this time. I waited until my kids were old enough for me to feel comfortable leaving them in a daycare facility, and here I am.
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  7. by   l.rae
    this isn't very philosophical, but l became a nurse because l needed a profession in which l could be financially independent from a psyco husband...(now see l was right)...I guess nursing appealed to me over other carreers because l saw the scientific applications and clinical skills as very prestigous knowlege, appreciated and needed by all. Oh my, was l ever in for a rude awakening!...Instead of the emphasis being placed on the things we do for patients that make a life and death and or quality of life difference; most of my instructers were MORE interested in weather or not they could bounce a quarter off the sheet of the bed l just made, or the bed bath l just gave, or if l damp dusted the room....Then there was the touchy feely cirriculum..yuk!...But that was in 1980, and l have stayed with it because l have never stopped believing in the critical difference we make in our patient's lives with our sophisticated knowlege of the nursing sciences and clinical skills....However, l must say that what l feel to be my strengths in nursing cannot be highly attributed to my nursing educational experience, but by my experiences in my career, for which l feel nursing school ill prepared me....not much has changed either, went back for my degree in 92, graduated in 95, l graduated being able to tell you all the life stages, having done papers on alternative therapies and theraputic communication...but l graduated having NEVER started an IV....Geesh, and they wonder why the image of nursing as a profession suffers...give me a break!......oh and good luck on your paper....LR
  8. by   maire
    D'oh, JEN you edited your post, but I believe there are many of us out there that are entering into this profession for the same reason!

    BTW what is that avatar you have? LOL It sorta looks like a little walking butt. It's cute.
  9. by   live4today
    Originally, I wanted to become a doctor (a surgeon), but eventually decided to go ahead and try nursing...which has been very very very good to me, so no regrets! I still get to help people heal. The surgeon makes the wound, and I get to clean it, dress it up in pretty white gauze bandages while getting to know his/her patients in ways the docs don't take time for.
  10. by   nursejamie76
    I wanted to be a nurse because I like dealing with pts. and i like helping people
  11. by   debyan
    I like people, I like to talk and where else can you find such a good captive audience No really I can't remember when I wasn't helping take care of some one. my little sisters my grandma my grandpa. NM y mom couldn"t deal with sick people so I usually got stuck taking care of the little ones and if I was sick myself til dad got home, my dad was a medic in the army his mom was a nurse and we used to pick her up at the state hospital where she worked I always thought it was soo cool. (what did I know I was 10) Oh yeh I was always the nurse when we played army too. deb
  12. by   Rushing RN
    I wanted to be able to help people. My other option was becoming a teacher. Also, I want to have several choices in my career--nursing allows one to do that! I did not want a borrinng job--nursing is not boring! As a child, I had a blood disorder and spend alot of time in the hospital. Some nurses were great! Others were awful... Also, my father was very instrumental in my decision. He wanted a nurse in the family! After high school, I had no money for college--he told me if I wanted to remain at home (rent free) then he would pay for first 2 semesters of LPN school. It sounds harsh but it was the motivation that I needed at that time. I went...and then was told by a nursing instructor that I would never make it....(I just had to show her different--still mail her all of my graduation clippings)....fell in love with nursing...
    and the need to be needed (if only for a short while)
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  13. by   Jenn_RN
    Maire, I know, I was hoping no one would catch it that fast before i edited it, lol! See, I read your post first, as I have a terrible habit a lot of times reading posts from last to first (do the same thing with magazines), anyone with an interest in psych want to hash that out? Anyway, I read your post and mistakenly though it was a different one, but when I read further, found out it was what it was and my post was totally hijacking op's question, so I edited to be more on topic. How's that for a rambling verion of "I'm a dork!"?

    Hmmm, never thought about him being a walking butt, but now that you mention it, he sure does, doesn't he? I found him at they've got some really cute ones.

    ps, so now that I have officially hijacked without shame, any tips for me as far as wedging my foot in the door of OB?

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  14. by   mspringer
    1st...I got tired of working behind a computer for the last 6 years. I had been out of college with a BS in another field for just 7 years.

    2nd...I always had this thought in the back of my head that nursing was what I really wanted to do. The hands on work, science related, and humanitarian work are a great combination. As a nurse one is kinda of jack of all trades. Plumber (IVs), clinician, teacher, critical thinker, computer person (Monitor, pumps), and many other things. That's what makes is so attractive. There are many skills that relate to nursing.

    Hope this helped you out. Good luck!