help please with learning the drugs!!!

  1. hey ther i am trying to figure out a way to learn, organize the drugs for easier absoprtion. i have apparently put up a wall and tried everything and need help please..(even osmosis isnt working when i lay my head on my book) please those of you with any tricks or accronoms or anything please help make life a little more tolerable
    thanks in advanced!
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    gonna be!!!!


  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I'm kind of struggling with the same thing...I do the drug cards with the other 3million things I need to get ready for clinicals, and find that nothing's really sticking...I asked this week if there was a pharmacology component in our program and was told there is NOT!!

    I think there's got to be some way of learning classifications, etc., that won't involve long hours with my drug book memorizing them individually?!?!
  4. by   cherokeesummer
    I agree, this is a tough thing. I'm in my final semester and still don't know enough about the drugs. I think the key is learning the classifications and working from there. But I just can't retain the information and I need to b/c I know there will be NCLEX questions about drugs!
  5. by   KellieNurse06
    We were taught from our instructor (one of them) to group them.....such as ace inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, ...each group ends in the same ...olol, zem, etc...and each group or category of class will have the same side effects.......e.g all beta blockers will have the same effect, side effect, etc................. It really did make it alot easier to remember them...because logically you could never remeber each drug seperately along with side effects etc ..unless of course you gave them everyday to people , then you'd just remember out of habit.............and on NCLEX I had only 3 drug questions..........not saying others don't get lots of them...I just happened to only get 3....... that's just the way it happened
  6. by   NurseLatteDNP
    There is a book about meds that is made entirely out of pictures and hints. I forgot the name, but it is made by the same publisher who made those Memory books for nursing. I bet you can find all of those on amazon or ebay.
    KellieNurse06: Starting April 2007, the NCLEX will include more meds (with and without fill in the blank), according to our instructors and the BON website.
  7. by   KellieNurse06 good info to know!
  8. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Quote from KellieNurse06 good info to know!
    Our instructors were joking, they said the more difficult NCLEX is a perfect way to contribute to the nursing shortage. But they also told us that the new way of testing will only affect those students who were borderline on passing the boards. I hope that won't be me.
  9. by   HM2VikingRN
    Lehne has a Pharmacology for nursing book that is plainly a great resource. Not only meds and nursing consideration it also has great summaries of pathophysiology.