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I'm very upset. I did really poorly on my last test (79.6). This brings my cumulative grade to an 86.8. We need 89.5 or above to get an A in the class. The problem is that there are only two more... Read More

  1. by   jnette
    Quote from Gompers
    Driving yourself crazy because you're not getting straight A's is useless - the world is an imperfect place, you know? You are in SCHOOL for a reason - to LEARN. If you knew it all, you wouldn't need to be there. Just because you missed a few answers on a test doensn't mean that you're going to be a horrible nurse. The reason we HAVE tests is to see how well we absorb material, and what areas we need to work on. Tests are SUPPOSED to challenge our knowledge.
    Couldn't agree more. And I believe she understands this in her rational head.

    Some ppl just have a "personal need" to achieve those A's, however... which has nothing to do with her future capabilities as a great nurse.. but more with proving something to herself, and that is ok, too.

    If achieving an A is what motivates you, go for it ! Just don't let it become a disabling BURDON or allow it to deafeat you if you don't meet your goal ! Know that you have given it your all, and done your very best, and that should be enough.
  2. by   lisamc1RN
    I agree with Jnette! An A can be something that motivates, and if that is the case with you (as it is with me) then strive for that A. You CAN do it! Don't let it become a negative force, though. If you end up with a B and you did the best that you could, then be proud of that B because it was hard earned!
  3. by   klone
    Thanks everyone for your kind words! Jnette hit the nail on the head for me. I know I'm going to make a good nurse when I graduate. My grades motivate me, however, and push me to do the best I can. I'm a competitive person (although I usually just compete with myself). Anyway, I've made a goal to get 93> on the next three tests. I'm going to live and breath cardiac and GI for the next 6 weeks.
  4. by   Lawnurse
    You can do it! Sometimes it can actually be fun to totally commit yourself to learning something.
  5. by   lil' girl
    klone I know exactly what you mean, I got two A's and a B midterm average the B is a 90 but we need at least 93 for an A. It is killing me too and I don't know why. I got all A's last semester and that is what I want this semester too.

    I only take solace in the fact that when my instructor called me in for my evaluation she said, " I don't even need to talk to you, you are doing great, I wish we could clone you". Suffice to say that I told her I just had to make an A and she replied don't drive yourself crazy about getting an A. Still though, I want that A. What is it with us??
  6. by   klone
    Quote from lil' girl
    I only take solace in the fact that when my instructor called me in for my evaluation she said, " I don't even need to talk to you, you are doing great, I wish we could clone you".
    Holy cow, that is hilarious! That is almost VERBATIM what my clinical instructor said to me last week at my midterm evaluation. She even said that about "I wish I could clone you." :roll
  7. by   lil' girl
    Well then I guess we are doing okay!!! Good Luck with that A!!
  8. by   LilRedRN1973
    But I don't want to screw up my GPA.
    You know, I went into nursing school with a 3.38 and in my last semester of school, I currently have a 3.26. I've gotten all A's and B's but it still has pulled down my GPA. I have 4 more classes to go, 2 more this point, all I care about is getting a 75% test average so I can graduate!!!

  9. by   kklownluv
    I have the same feeling as Klone on my Human Anatomy class grade, but I have learned to accept my grade.

    I started off on the wrong foot, and that messed up my whole study plan.

    I will be happy to get a C in the class.

    I know it will mess up my GPA seriously, but I am glad it is almost over at least.

    I plan on taking extra science/biology/chem classes to raise it back up.

    Good Luck,
  10. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    I ran into a woman the other day who was in my Micro class last summer. She's in the second semester of the ADN program, I'm still hoping to be admitted for August. We talked for a while, and she told me that the biggest piece of advice she could give me was to learn to be satisfied with something other than an A. (She knows that I put a lot of pressure on myself.) Our program is notorious for its fail rate, so she knew I'd have big problems if I added my own pressures to the pressures of school.
  11. by   klone
    An update to my OP....I found out the other day that 10 of the 4th semester students have dropped the program, one week before their final final exams. Apparently they're doing so poorly that there is no mathematical way they can pass the class unless they get 100% on the final exam. 5 more are on academic probation.

    So you can say that I've successfully readjusted my expectations for myself. :chuckle I've also figured out that if I can get Bs in the core med/surg courses for the next three semesters, and As in the other stuff (maternal/child, psych, leadership), then I'll still be able to stay in Phi Theta Kappa. I guess that was my main concern.