can i stop being nervous when giving an injection?

  1. were learning to give injections on each other (classmates). for some reason i get real nervous...especially because it is a needle that i am dealing with. i dont know if im nervous for that person that im injecting the needle or am i nervous because im not used to doing this or both?

    i was practicing on a classmate, and my hand started shaking...end up darting the wrong place.

    how can i stop being nervous? how can i stop my arm from shaking, so that i can dart at the right place.

    sounds funny...but i really want to get this fix so that i can be comfortable with this. any suggestions? advice?
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    You need to do some practice outside the hospital on stuff in your skills lab like fake arms and legs! Do enough practice and your confidence will really get a boost. Also, volunteer to do ALL the injections you can in clinicals. The more you do the less scared you will be!
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    UGH....we weren't allowed to practice on each -- thank goodness!! I hate needles and would hate even more needlessly sticking fellow classmates (or it would feel needless)...for some reason, my first subq went without a hitch...but I have yet to give an IM...a bit concerned about that one...

    Good luck!
  5. by   rnsrgr8t
    Practice, practice, practice! The more you do the better you will feel about it. I used to work in a pediatrician's practice and gave injections all day. I used to let the new RN's and MA's practice on me until they felt comfortable (I have a high pain tolerance and needles don't bother me at all). See if you can find a willing person to practice on and do it until you feel comfortable. You will get there! It is normal to be nervous. My first IM injection was on an emaciated 21 year old girl with Chron's disease. I was giving IM Demerol for pain (I am dating myself, it was about 12 years ago and we would NEVER manage pain this way now) and it was AWFUL! I have no qualms doing injections now but I still remember that one bad experience I had. Take a deep breath and relax and you will be fine. Good Luck!
  6. by   browneyedgirl71
    We had to give each other IM & Subcut. shots. Now that I'm in clinical, I'm so glad that we did because it does help out with the nerves. I think most of us freaked out over the IM just because of the size of the needle. The one thing I have learned is just to go for it vs being apprehensive. We are doing a flu clinic in Nov and I'm looking forward to that for more practice. Nerves are normal.....We are all in the same boat
  7. by   maryloufu
    I was really nervous until I had to start giving myself IM injections of B12. The first time I gave myself the shot it took a good 30 mins to get up the gall to give it- but now I know how it feels when I give a shot and I do the dart action to get it in quick on my patients. Practice will help. Being nervous just means you care-
  8. by   RNSuzq1
    Liz, We didn't have to give each other injections in Nursing School, but I was a Navy Corpsman years ago - we learned on each other. Trust me, it's much more nerve wracking trying to give a shot to a school-mate (someone you know, who might critique your technique) than an actual patient.

    Prepare yourself (take a few deep breaths) - don't let the pt. know you're nervous, or they'll tense up and the injection will be more painful. Chances are, your pt. has already had the injection you're about to give - insulin, etc. and know what to expect. Just steady your hand and don't hesitate, do it as quickly as possible. Once you give your first one, you'll get the hang of it and do fine. Don't be so nervous that you forget to dispose of the needle in the sharps container ASAP to avoid a needle stick. Best of Luck, Sue
  9. by   am17sg05
    practice is really the best teacher.i remember when i started giving im meds,my hands were also shaking but as the time goes by,i got used to just wait and before you know it,you are already an expert in injections.goodluck!
  10. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    Thankfully, we don't practice on each other. I'd be too scared to have someone who has no clue what they are doing jab a needle into my arm! But, I just did my first 2 injections at clinical on Monday (flu shots). I was soooo nervous and wasn't perfect, but I did it and the patients didn't complain. So I signed up to help with the county flu shot clinic, where I can give at least 10 shots in a row. Just gotta keep practicing! Good luck to you!