HELP! First test in final semester TUESDAY and I can't make myself study :(

  1. I have the hugest problem. And it's been a problem since my first semester. I'm a huge procrastinator, and can only really study when it gets down to the wire. I need to feel the pressure to be able to study....

    So I've passed four semesters and I'm in the FINAL semester (Critical care and Psychology), and our first test is Tuesday. I meant to start studying this semester @ the beginning (like I tell myself EVERY semester) of the semester, but didn't. And then I meant to at the beginning of this weekend. And didn't. And FINALLY begun reviewing and rewriting notes this afternoon, but I am having a hard time getting back into it

    I have diagnosed inattentive ADD , and take super-low dose ritalin to try to kick my rear into gear but it's just not working!

    ANY TIPS??

    please help with any personal experience or advice... I'd truly appreciate it.
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I don't have any words of advice....I'm only in the beginning of my second semester and having a hard time getting going....I've never been diagnosed with anything, but sometimes I wonder...

    Best wishes...if you've gotten this far in this manner, you'll most likely be fine...please let us know!!
  4. by   bethin
    Are we twins?

    I kick you in the butt and you can kick mine.

    I've got a big chemistry test tomorrow and haven't studied and for every test we have about 50-75 questions per chapter (3 chaps.) and 10 pages of typed notes per chapter, all which have to be organized in a 3 ring binder.

    Guess what I have done..................I bought the 3 ring binder and hole punch. :stone

    I do my best (and I have an A average) when I'm under the wire. At work and school, I cannot sit still. If I sit still, I feel like I'm going to explode.

    Maybe you need an increase in ritalin?? Heck, maybe I need some myself.


    Good luck
  5. by   bethin
    I'm still not studying. Thank goodness I'm a night owl and class isn't until 6p tomorrow.

    I think I missed some episodes of Desperate Housewives......need to watch those first. Then I'll buckle down.
  6. by   BouBou
    Give yourself a reward for every half an hour you study. it could be a chocolate, a pair of shoes, whatever motivates you.
  7. by   Race Mom
    I am exactly the same way, and so is my 2nd grader! It hasn't failed me yet. (knock on wood)
  8. by   LadyHazy
    Lol. I'm actually having the same problem... I don't know if I have ADD but i figure I probably have because I have such a difficult time focusing at anything! (but I'm not one to diagnose myself so...)

    The earlier you start, the better. In fact, you should start right now.
    Think about which topic interests you the MOST. (Something you wouldn't mind reading about for an hour or so straight) Then start with that. That way, you can at least get some work done as soon as possible. Study on a table (not on a bed! I used to do this and it's horrible), make sure the lighting is good and there are few distractions. If you like, a bit of music can help.

    After an hour or so (when you fell you're not taking in anything anymore), go do something (do some stretches, go for a walk, eat a snack, SOMETHING). Then go back to where you left off (or go to a new topic if you've finished). Make sure to review yourself a bit after each chapter.

    And, oh. Sometimes it's better to get a study partner. We had to stay at a dorm during our Psych Rotation and we had quizzes every few days. It motivated me lots seeing other people study and talking with them about what we've studied about (Oh, and I went to sleep earlier than most of them but I still got the highest scores in all our quizzes--a bit of common sense goes a long way). I'm sure you're not the only person in your class with this problem.

    Lastly, don't pressure yourself. In my opinion, it is a bad idea to take an exam with an empty stomach and very little sleep. The trick is to study as much as you can, in the way you feel most comfortable learning, and when the exam comes, just chill out and answer every question to the best of your knowledge.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   lovejana22
    omg!!!! i am like that also, i start studying early and can not keep it up. now i do make a's, and b's so it is not hurting me that much yet. but i always tell myself my word study girl~!~~
  10. by   Chaya
    Well I have to basically fake myself out; I make a list of areas I need to cover but tell myself I don't need to really study them right now...then I make a list of what is most important to know about each area for when I DO study...(you get the idea)
  11. by   Lisa CCU RN
    You are in semester five.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  12. by   cherokeesummer
    Same here everyone...I'm also in my last semester of RN school and I have a test on Thursday LOL, the first test.

    I also am having a hard time studying!
  13. by   abundantjoy07
    I'm going through the same thing. My issue is that I find the reading to be incredibly boring and loaded with wayyy to many facts. I'm going to be cramming for my Critical Care test on Friday. It seems like I get my best studying in late nights early mornings. Which is horrible...but oh well. I'm almost done. Here's to 3 and 4am studying! :smilecoffeeIlovecof
  14. by   RNinJune2007
    Well, good news...
    thanks to ALL of those who responded with encouragement and any message!

    I got the highest grade in the class, a 92% (two other people also got it).
    I have no idea how (I still feel like I don't really KNOW the information), but the important part is, I got a 92!!

    Thanks again and good luck to all of those who responded saying they're in the same situation!