1. Okay, we have our very first fundamentals test this friday, and frankly I'm scared to death! I've been studying my ars off, and just started trying to quiz myself on certain topics, as well as using the tests on the CD that came with the book. I've done okay, but not as well as I would like. My question is this: Skyscape only has NCLEX-RN testing programs. I've heard that those are great study tools for school. But this is my first (LPN) year, and our first test. Will that help me on tests for this qtr? If so, I'm definitely going to buy it! What do you experienced students/nurses think? Let me know please! Oh, and if you have any other study tips, that would be great, too!!!
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  3. by   MikeyJ
    There are a few threads that are very recent that discuss doing well in Nursing Fundamental's. My advice: to be able to understand and apply the concepts. You should know WHY you are doing something and nursing interventions. When faced with a concept, first understand why you are doing something and the concept behind it, and then pose questions to yourself, such as "what if this goes wrong", etc.

    Also, Fundamentals is an introduction to NCLEX style questions. I recommend purchasing Saunder's NCLEX review manual. I have the RN manual but I am sure they have an LPN as well. Saunders has a chapter on how to properly take NCLEX style questions and it really helped me.
  4. by   Daytonite
    check out the information and links at
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    I have the RN Saunders, too, and it is a great study aid for tests. There's an index at the back of the book, and I refer to it for the subject matter we're studying, then review that chapter/area of the book, then take the tests both in the book and on the disk.

    Sometimes there are questions on things we did not cover in class, so I tend to skip over that stuff when I am CLEAR that we won't be tested on it, but otherwise, it's a great aid for additional "thinking" material, plus the NCLEX-style gets you more in the frame of mind.
  6. by   treysdaddy08
    I just bought Saunders for my PDA...our first test is this friday...wish me luck!!!
  7. by   GingerSue
    good luck to you