1. I am in second semester nursing school. I just flunked out of med-surg. I am getting the info but not enough at a fast enough rate I guess. Can anyone give me some pointers? This nursing program makes me feel stupid, I'm struggling for "c's". I would feel more compfortable with a "b" ANY SUGGESTIONS????
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  3. by   jov
    Quote from b43tands
    I just flunked out of med-surg. I am getting the info but not enough at a fast enough rate I guess. Can anyone give me some pointers?
    med surg is demanding, no doubt about it. The problem comes when students know the material, but cannot "connect the dots." You have to be able to understand the pathology and then think of what it would look like or act like...then you have to think about what kind of treatment you can do to resolve the problem. Just knowing the material is not enough - you must be able to apply it.

    So. You have flunked out of a class. You find yourself struggling to get C's. I think the question here is - are you cut out for nursing school? You have a better understanding now of the price you will have to pay in order to get through it. Only you can decide if the diploma is worth it. I assume you will get a lot of posters who encourage you to GO FOR IT. DON'T GIVE UP. However, I think you might be struggling against your natural bent.
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  4. by   msleely
    I know this is a set back for you but stay focused. How do you study? I will admit I didn't know what I was getting into before I got into nursing school. I am currently a Senior I and I've realized that it takes a lot of discipline. I have learned different study methods that work for me. I do not prefer to study in groups so I usually study alone or at Starbuck's (but not actually with others there). Last semester we had to do concept maps with our clinical paperwork. I am a visual learner so I have incorporated that into my study. Sometimes you need to see how everything relates. Keep your mind open...think logically. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to learn things that we don't really look at it and piece it together. Also, I am a half price book junkie (seriously) I go there like twice a week and visit all the different stores in my area. I try to find books that have study questions, or just supplemental books.Being a nursing student I am poor but I have found good books for $5-$10. I'm sorry for being long winded, but I just wanted to encourage you. We all have mountains we must climb. Stay Positive!!!!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I think you need to decide what attracted you to nursing in the first place. I don't think its that you aren't smart enough, but that you don't study smart enough. Does that make sense? You need to be able to strain the material and take the high points away.

    Please do hang in there if this is what you truly want.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Yep, it's not knowing EVERYTHING, it's knowing the IMPORTANT things. Major vs. minor, and all that. Also, how much time do you study and read? I find myself reading all aspects before lectures, and studying after lecture as well. Demos I have to practice 3-4 times, and I have to just write To do's and important post-its and paste them around the house.
    If you know you're not studying well, see if your school has a learning center where you can pick up study tips. Ours does and many use them.
  7. by   b43tands
    You know I have test anxiety, I also worked for the mentally ill for 7 years doing the grunt work of nursing. I'm looking for help not discouragement. I will NOT give up until I'm a nurse because I love it. I'm not catching it as fast as I should, but I'm not stupid. I need to study harder. What about the fact that I'm in mental health and I am passing. So I should just give up? Don't respond to my messages again.
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  8. by   b43tands
    Thanks to everyone except JOV who replied and tried to give me advice or help. It was appreciated and I'll try those things.
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  9. by   traumaRUs
    Some posters are better off being ignored. Their ignorance shows via their posting styles.
  10. by   kalayaan
    when i was studying med-surg i always had my d.i.y. anatomy notes, anatomy book and medical dictionary right beside me. i would review the particular body system, from parts to function, and then do the med-surg. it takes a little more effort in the beginning to do that, but youll understand med-surg better. and i consult more than 1 book, bec other books may have a better interpretation.

    dont fret. your determination is key to your success.
  11. by   s.carter
    I do agree with JOV in that you need to be able to connect the dots.
  12. by   deleern
    put it behind you keep on going get everything out of what you are taking. my daughter struggled with classes but she kept on and persevered she is an excellent nurse. sometimes we start slow i did they told me my 1st semester at mid term i was getting a d and the instructor told me i should quit. i told her that its not over till the fat lady sings and this fat lady hadn't sung yet. i pass the class with a 92% it was a b but i was extremely proud of that b... today in the rn program i look at every test as a learning experience and everything as a pass or fail i do not worry about the grade. graduation is the whole point of this experience. not what your grade point average is.
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  13. by   s.carter
    keep up the good fight. never quit, we have worked to hard to get to this point!
  14. by   hlfpnt
    Most of my class used flash cards & posted them every where...this might help you. For myself, this didn't work. My method of study was long & tedious, but it worked for me. I usually read my chapters no less than 4 times...the first time word for word & each time after that I'd use a different color highlighter until I had narrowed it down to just key words with a certian color. The morning before my exam I would scan only the words in that certain color. Basically for me the key was cutting out all the back ground stuff in the paragragh & hitting the high points only. I got my share of criticism (for studying too hard) from my fellow classmates, but it helped me learn the material (I can't test on memorization alone) & I stuck to it all the way through school! Don't give up, you will find what works for you...maybe a combo of all our suggestions! Anyway, hang in there & all my best to you! :icon_hug: