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I gained a few unwanted lbs last year in nursing school too, so I developed a small plan to do something about it. I just wanted to share what I've got so far and ask for any and all tips for good... Read More

  1. by   enfermeraSG
    These suggestions are so great! I have become so lazy about watching what I eat because I am so pressed for time. I must plan better! Also, watch out with the ground turkey. Yes, it is better for you but make sure it says lean or extra lean (specifically does not contain skin). Unless it says that on the package, a lot of ground turkey has some skin ground in to add moisture when cooking, which makes it MORE fattening than lean ground beef!! EEk! Just when you thought you were being healthy..........SG
  2. by   PhoenixGirl
    Time saving tip, the night before throw in some chicken or a roast in the crockpot, baby carrots, a few onions, cut up sweet potato (much better than a regular potato when it comes to nutrition) and any other veges. Put it in the fridge. The meat will defrost overnight. Before you leave for school throw it in the crockpot heater and turn it on. WHen you come home from school starving you can have a bit for a snack, plus dinner is all ready!!!
  3. by   DenaInWyo
    Quote from Tootyx121
    I just made this tonight! I am glad you posted it. I eat lots of salads and have been looking for a good lower cal ranch! It is so good

    I also decided to make a turkey burger tonight. It was so good. I bought the ground turkey patties 1/4lb each. Added some burger seasoning I found at the store. I used whole wheat buns and put 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese with salsa...YUM. I put a box of frozen broccoli in the microwave and cooked some fresh spinach and it all took less than 15 min from start to finish. Fast & yummy!
    I came up with the ranch dressing thing in my quest for a decent sub for ranch, which is one of the very few dressings I like, and probably hardest one to find in "light" that tastes half way decent.

    I think it's hard to adjust at first when you start making substitutions and start trying to incorporate healthy, whole foods in your diet (your dinner sounds great, btw!) but you DO get used to it, and before you know it, you're wondering just why you thought it was going to be so horribly hard to do. All routines become habit eventually, if you stick with them long enough

    Good luck to us loosers!

  4. by   sarahmarion123
    First of all, what a great thread! I'm currently in nursing school and have always struggled with weight (and my mom is a dietician-too bad I got Dad's genes ).

    I checked out the website that NurseFirst recommended and was wondering if anyone had ordered the meals- what they thought of the taste and how filling. They sound so good and not too expensive either. Keep the info coming!

    - Sarahmarion123
  5. by   shel_wny
    Quote from aegirl
    Here's a quick and easy snack that my mom got from weight watchers. You'll need graham crackers and fat free cool whip. Take one sheet of graham crackers and break it in half. Put fat free cool whip on one side of the cracker and put the other cracker on you're making a sandwich. Wrap them up and put them in the freezer. They are 1 point each and they are really good if you want something sweet. They taste like an ice cream sandwich but alot healthier.
    I made these tonight and they are sooooo good!
    Even my junk-food loving husband loved them.
    Thanks for the recipe for a fun and healthy treat!