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I'm sure many of you here can relate to this! I thought I'd share how my domestic life has gone downhill since starting nursing school. Hey, if I don't laugh about it, I'll cry! --I am so far... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    lol, this is my world! First I am so tired from clinicals and classes that I can barely think straight. I have a wonderful husband who does the best he can. He works two jobs so I can go to school. He doesn't care too much for house work. I tease hom that when I am a nurse(GOD willing) I will hire a housekeeper to find our floor....yikes..lol
  2. by   kimtab
    I keep my house fairly "picked up" but I can't tell you the last time I mopped the floor or did anything like that. If my son puts up a fight about getting dressed in the morning, he goes to school in his pajamas. And All my bills are 2 weeks late because I can't manage to squeeze that check-writing time out of my day. We live on Lean Cuisine frozen dinners. I can't wait until this semester is over. Gotta go load the dishwasher--bye!
  3. by   rosemadder
    My pinning is May 12 and I have promised my teenager that I will actually cook this summer. My daughter doesn't care--she could live on peanut butter sandwiches and tv dinners.