Has anyone had the first exam yet? EEEEK!

  1. I'm a first year student in an ADN program, and we have our first exam coming up soon (Nclex style). I've read the tips, practiced questions in my review books, and I've read and reread all the material. I feel confident that I know the material and I have prepared myself well.....but I'd love to hear from people who have already taken the first exam.

    Was it more difficult than you thought? How did you do? Any additional tips?

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   Skips
    Well, my very first nursing test in fundamentals, I got a B on it. (: That was a year ago!

    I guess I should add more about it. It was harder than I expected. Lots of details to remember that I seemed to gloss over. I focused more on how questions are worded the more I tested in class.
  4. by   Sun0408
    My first nursing exam was a joke. I got something close to a 70, sorry don't remember the actual grade anymore but it was low. Funny thing, I only missed 3 of the actual nursing questions. I missed all the questions re: the syllabus because I never read it nor did I think questions would come from it LOL
  5. by   springchick1
    I didn't do great on my first nursing test. I knew the material inside and out but the style of questioning really messed me up. And don't get me started on the "Select All that Apply" questions. BUT, I got used to them. I got better at answering the questions and understanding what they were looking for. I would recommend getting an NCLEX style study guide and just practice, practice, practice! Good luck to you
  6. by   EMT89
    I have my first test tomorrow. It is Pharmacology. I was supposed to take it on Friday, but bad weather is being called to the area then. No way am I taking 6 tests next week! oop:
  7. by   rubato
    My first exam grade was an 84. Big shocker for me. But, I learned from it and did great on the second exam. I learned that the rationales are soooo important. Just try to figure out EXACTLY what the question is asking. Highlight or underline important words and eliminate obvious wrong answers. When you have the answers narrowed down, look at the question again and figure out which answer is right for the situation.
  8. by   flyersfan88
    1st health assessment test-93
    1st fundamentals test-89

    pretty happy with the start i've had. hoping to keep it going since it's only going to get harder!

    I read the chapters, outlined the power points with additional info from the chapters, and did any/all practice questions from books/study guides and studied the rationales. I didn't think the tests were that hard, but if I didn't put so much effort into studying it would've been awful.
  9. by   AOx1
    I would consider the book Test Success. It has great tips for taking NCLEX-style questions. I recommend it for my first semester students. There is a whole series of success books, one for each content area (ex-fundamentals success) that are good practice for NCLEX-style questions. Good luck!
  10. by   littlebear23
    I have exams coming up, and after learning the new tools I need to succeed after my accident, I am very confident! Sure I'm a little nervous, but I think that's normal.

    My first nursing exam.... god! it was terrible! I totally bombed that exam, and like you, I studied so hard and dedicated every minute to Fundamentals. If you fail, don't worry! That too is normal! I'm not saying don't study, or put time into your studying, I'm saying that if you don't get a good grade on your first nursing exam, don't beat yourself up.

    Nursing exams are tricky, and a completely different learning style. Unlike your basic science classes, you cannot memorize the material. You have to apply what you know to the exam question. You will learn how to do this, it just takes time. If you don't do as well as you hoped, sit down with the instructor and find out what it is you can do to prepare for the next exam.

    Remember, nursing school is a learning process. You aren't expected to get good grades on every single exam. Good luck!
  11. by   pco8
    Mine is in 2 weeks! Microbiology!! I've been reviewing and going over notes each day.
  12. by   nursebanks14
    My first test I got an A suprisingly. The style was definitely different and to tell you the truth the test only get harder, because that A ended up saving me from failing the course. That was the last A I seen that semester lol.
  13. by   jenndavis
    My first exam is on Monday, Health Assessment. I'm worried but trying to stay calm. I think I'm most stressed about not knowing how the questions will be worded. She has practice exams and they are not in the NCLEX style I'm used to seeing. So.... we will see how this goes.
  14. by   Jill2Shay
    Had my first exam this morning and it was a breeze. Only 30 questions, finished in 20 minutes. They said this one was meant to ease us into the NCLEX style question. There were only a couple I wasn't 100% sure on.