Has anyone had luck petitioning a grade??

  1. I finally got my grades back for the fall semester, and I have a problem. I recieved a C in my running for fitness class (A in everything else including my Microbiology class). To make a long story short I dont hink this is a fair or correct grade. I had good sttendence in the class (I asked the teacher and he said I only had 2-4 absences) but the problem was I have Ashma (teacher knew about it) so running wasnt alsways easy (but I always jogged or walked to participate). I'm going to petition this grade (I think I deserve at least a B, I Really tried!!and its a running class for goodness sakes). Ive never done this before but I know its possible.

    Does anyone have any tips? any luck with this?? any infor would be GREATLY appreciated! TIA!
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Was this a required class? If not, why would you take a running class when you have asthma? In your shoes, I might check with the teacher first and see why you make that grade.

    Anyway, I have successfully petitioned one time to have a grade removed from my transcript. But it was a different type of situation, and a very long time agoe.
  4. by   nessa1982
    I took the class becuase usually my asthma isnt too bad (but it turned out it wasnt good enoght for me to try to run), but I needed 1 more credit to satisfy my health& car isurance defintion of full time (12 units I had 11 with my regular classes). I thought I was doing Ok in the class and the teacher said our grades were based on attendence mostly. (BTW this is the last time I take a running class, ever)
  5. by   Jennerizer
    I would talk with the teacher also. If it is based mostly on attendance you missed from 2 to 4 days, then he might not budge on his grade. If it's only worth one credit, then a C isn't going to hurt you. Try talking to him though, perhaps you can persuade him.
  6. by   nessa1982
    Hmm, (in his original syllabus it siad we were allowed to miss 3-4 days) after 3 or 4 our grade was lowered by 1/2 a grade level or something. I left a message for him on his voice mail (a nice one, on ow I would like to discuss my grade). Hopefully I can eihter raise it or have it switched to a cr/nc (credit no credit, which I should have done in the 1st place) system (it might be too late though) or just have it removed.
  7. by   RNIAM
    Not sure what will happen but i sure wish you luck. Please let us know how it turns out.
  8. by   deedee05
    If you have only 1 C, then Rhona1 is right, it shouldn't hurt you! And, like everyone keeps telling me, (I got a C in my Fund. of nur. class) when you graduate and your working on a patient, surely, the person will not ask you what you made in your classes! Good luck tho!!
  9. by   essarge
    Be careful about having a grade removed if you were going full time for financial aid reasons. You might end up owing money to the school (or federal government). It might drastically affect any future financial aid also.

    My suggestion would be to:

    1. Check the school catalog about having grades changed/removed and the "chain of command" that you have to follow.

    2. Go see your advisor and check to see if it will affect your financial aid (will you owe money in return).

    3. If you can talk to the instructor, ask if there is anything you can do (extra credit report etc) to possibly make up a grade or two.

    Good luck!
  10. by   nessa1982
    Thank you for all the advice! i'll keep you updated on what happends. The spring semester starts the 21st so I probably wont hear from the teacher til them (I left him a nice voicemail on how I would like to talk to him abou the grade I recevied). I dont receive any financail aid (i pay myself) so im not too worried about that (but thank you for warning me). I take 12 units to please my car insurace & health insurance. Im going to meet with the instructor first to find out why this grade was so bad (I was pretty shocked I though I was doing well, their were only 9 pepole in the class and I was one of the ones who actaully showed up most of the time, and only had a few absences) maybe their was an actual reason i got a C but I dont feel thats what I desrved! Thank you for all your help, hopefully I can get this all staightened out.

    Jennerizer is probably right about one C not making a big difference but i worked har this semester for my grades (without this grade I would have a 4.0, a first for me with it its a 3.84)
  11. by   Angella Walker
    Were you borderline between a b- and a c. If not then why would you argue about the grade. lol...I believe I deserve an A in all my classes for the effort that I put forth. Too bad we don't get graded for the time we devote to a class
  12. by   essarge
    LOL!! I agree Angella....while school for me is 4 years, I feel like I've put 20 into it!! All nursing students should get A+++++ for effort in all classes!!
  13. by   nessa1982
    Update: No luck changing the grade .I guess I had more absences than I thought and evenif I didnt really miss that much theres no way to prove it (during the semster I should have kept a better record or asked the teacher more often,oh well). Anyway Ive learned my lesson, I will take ALL PE classes as a credit no credit option fo just in case I dont get an A or B at least it wont affect my GPA. Thanks for all the great advice though.