Has anyone ever failed out because the couldnt pass the math/dosage calc tests? - page 3

Im soooo nervous, seems like its something that can make or break you. You do all this work just to get into NS and if you dont get 90% on one math test your out??? Anyone not good at math share... Read More

  1. by   supermo
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    This is the scariest post I have ever read.
    You must not have read the one about the grossest/weirdest things a patient has come into the ED for.......
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    You must not have read the one about the grossest/weirdest things a patient has come into the ED for.......

    Link please :spin:
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    Link please :spin:
    Try this one > Click
  4. by   Amber_student_nurse
    We needed to get 100% in our med calc test. But I can fully understand the reason. You make a mistake - You can kill someone. So getting 80 or 70% is really not good enough when you look at it like that.
  5. by   anaknisupernurse
    Keep on practicing. If you don't feel confident, keep taking practice exams from review books or you can review your old exams. Understand what is being asked. If you could, do try to understand the formulas that you have instead of just memorizing them. Review your work. And lastly, look at your answer and determine if your answer makes any sense.
    You can do it. But just practice, practice, practice...
  6. by   Kiren
    Our school requires 100% to pass the math dosage test every semester. I'm going to take the optional calculations class to make sure I pass. All of the students I have talked to who have taken the test say it's not very difficult.
  7. by   SVN Felicia
    The math is pretty overwhelming in the beginning. Let me tell you, i taught my friend all of the math in our first semester and we both did good in the class. Then for the next semester she and I had different classes and were not able to help eachother anymore, and she failed out of nursing school cause she didnt pass the math. It can happen, but practice alot and u'll be fine!!!!
  8. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from FNPhopeful
    I know, it's probably simple stuff.....I have major math anxiety I guess. Wether its warranted or not. Im just having statistics and chem flashbacks I guess.
    I passed my high school board exams with a borderline grade.

    I'm no math whiz - heck, my 13 year old cousin does better math than I do.

    If I can do it, you can too

    There is no substitute for PRACTISE.
    Sitting and worrying will solve nothing!

    Good luck!
  9. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I got a 100%!! YAY!

    Oh, and thanks for posting the link to the grossest story link.. I've been reading that thread as I get time. Yikes!

    So-- how'd everyone do on the math tests?
  10. by   MuddaMia
    Quote from leslasic
    I got a 100%!! YAY!

    So-- how'd everyone do on the math tests?
    I got 100% today!! What a relief...I hate that stress. I mean--any test sucks--but one that can cost me a year off of school can send me into panic attacks. Now I plan to enjoy my last 4 days off before the semester starts and RELAX!
  11. by   81ke83
    We had our first math test today. Half the class didn't pass. about 12. They have one more time to take it. They have to go to the tutoring center and wait a week. If they don't pass they are out.

    My advice is to read the problem carefully, then complete the questions, then go over and make sure you don't have any dumb mistakes.
  12. by   jessicaj
    about 6 people failed the first time including myself and we were given a second chance..i have to admit i wasn't studying for the math test in which i knew i can always make up..i was worrying about the exam that i only get one chance.....
  13. by   godsgrl444
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    No one in my class had any problem with it. I don't think you will either. We only had one gal who must have put something wrong -- I overheard the instructor say, "Why don't you take a good long look at this and make sure it's right." Then she changed something and it must have been fine.

    Frankly, if someone can't pass this test after two or three tries, they shouldn't be a nurse. It's really, really, really, really simple.
    I am 41 years old single mother of 4 and I feel that that is so mean of you to say! I studied night after night paid tutors and everything and still fell the exam 2 times. You know this math exam can really mess up your self esteem. We take our exam in our Jr year and can not go any farther until you pass it and you can only take it each seamester. I passed everything else with no less than a high (B). I am a nervous wreck i am taking it again in September 2008. I need a tutor badly!