Has anybody here ever had to repeat a nursing course?

  1. I'm in my first semester of nursing classes with clinical. I am on the verge of failing my fundamentals class. I was getting grades which are on the brink of pass/fail which is 78, 77. (77 is passing in my school). Then today was a demonstration day where we had to demonstrate physical assessment in front of the professor. We picked system out of a hat and lo and behold the one and only system I didn't study for was the one I had to do (neuro). Every other system I knew front and back.

    My professor pulled me aside and told me I may have to retake the course. I asked her if I can still pass if I pull a very good grade on the final exam and basically I need to make over a 90 on the final. I plan on studying my ass off but I can't help but feel so lost and in despair. Has anybody had to retake a nursing class? How was it? To me this feels like the end of the world and makes me want to just drop out completely.

    Maybe someone here can give me some words of advice.
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  3. by   AKreader
    I failed a chemistry course, was kicked out of the program, wrote a letter of appeal to the nursing admissions at school, and got reaccepted with the condition that I take it again and get a passing grade.
    I can tell you one thing: waiting to know if I got reaccepted was.awful. I ran the gamut of emotions, from "Maybe nursing isn't for me" to "What else should I be doing?" To "what school is going to accept me now?"

    So, yes. It's way stressful. Study, study, study and try to ace that last final. But, at the same time, be realistic. If you are barely passing this class, the likelihood that you will ace it is pretty slim. If you don't pass, don't feel like it is the end of the world. It sounds as though your school will allow you to retake this class --- so yes, it is a setback but at least you are STILL in a program! That's better than a lot of schools would do for you.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    I haven't personally but came VERY close with the class prior to this one (in all my previous college classes and my LPN schooling I never got a grade less than a solid B/B+. This class I was technically passing with the minimum grade needed (80/B-) but I had to get at least an 80 or better on all the following test, thankfully I did and came out with a B) Sadly, many of my cohorts didn't come out of that class unscathed and will be repeating it (all being great students, I don't think anyone got higher than a B+ and the lower end of B+ is what it actually was). I do have friends (fellow students) in this current class who had failed a previous nursing class. They cried, freaked out and got depressed after they failed. And they all turned it around, picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, and carried on..to pass that class they had previously failed.

    If you do not make the grade needed...you are VERY close! So if you have to retake it you will probably do very well as you already have a great amount of information from the previous time you took it. I'd venture to say you'll do very very well.

    I'm sure it seems like the end of the world, but its not. You are still IN the program. Many would kill to be in that position. Best of luck to you on your final.
  5. by   Virgilio
    I decided to drop out of my ADN program in the 90's while in the final semester. After 13 years and a reasonably profitable career in another field I'm going back in January. So I'll be repeating three and a half semesters starting next month.

    Personally I think that you can dig deep and score > 90 on your final.
  6. by   Mrsladysoul83
    I started an RN program in 2009, failed fundamentals with a 74, retook it & got a "B". Got to med surge 1 (spring 2011) failed with a 74.8 got dismissed, depressed & disappointed, advisor told me 2 change my major & I thought about doing it for about a week. Got driven, determined & destined to not just easily quit. Currently in lpn school finishing up med surge I tomorrow with an "A" & currently have a 3.4 gpa! It's not the end of the world as long as you are still breathing,your goals & dreams are attainable! I'm a living witness to that! & I won't stop til I get RN behind my name! You can do it!
  7. by   NRKB
    Look if you have to retake the class no big deal! I hope you don't, but if you do it may be a good thing you know? These classes are important (i think so anyways) and if you retake it then you should do pretty well since you already know what to expect. It will just make you a stronger student in the end even though it could be a pain in the butt.
    Anways, good luck I hope you Ace it!! Think positive and study hard.
  8. by   NRKB
    Wow!! I wish you the best of luck! Follow your heart
  9. by   brillohead
    I'm currently in Med-Surg III, and well over half my class has either failed this same course before and are taking it for the second time, or they failed a previous class.

    My original cohort was 80 people. We have one more semester to go, and I think we have fewer than 30-35 of our original group remaining. Failing a nursing class is a lot more common than you would think!
  10. by   MeagAshley
    Thats inspiring mrsladysoul83.... Im currently on the verge of failing fundamentals. I took my final exam today, had to make a 83 to pass. Im PRAYING that I made a 83... if not I am not letting it get me down. Im gonna keep going till I reach my goal!
  11. by   Sadala
    People repeat courses all the TIME. From what I've seen and heard, people tend to have the most difficulty with Fundamentals, Mother & Baby (or L&D or mat and peds or whatever you want to call it), and med surge. Many of those same people end up reapplying and returning and they still graduate. It seems as though its a hiccup but doesn't at all have to end nursing school aspirations. If you fail a course and you're readmitted the following semester, it just puts you a semester off from your original grad date.