Halloween Poll

  1. are any of you going to dress up for halloween? if so, what will you be?

    just a fun poll for halloween!

    here's to a safe and happy halloween!
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  3. by   moni rn
    oops, i forgot to tell you what i will be for halloween. i am going to dress up as a belly dancer. i belly-dance for a second job, so i already have the costume.

    have a happy & safe halloween!
  4. by   fergus51
    I am dressing up like a nurse (I'm working Halloween).
  5. by   JennieBSN
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  6. by   debbyed
    I'm thinking about a white dress uniform complete with white hose and hat. My husband says it turns him on!!!
  7. by   GPatty
    I am going to be a nurse.... what else?

    My husband is going to be Moses.

    My 15 y/o is going to be a Devilette (a dancing type of majorette in high school, the Richmond Red Devils)

    My 13 y/o is going to be a jailbird. Black and white striped costume and all!

    My 8 y/o is going to be a Kitty Kat, complete with claws and ears.

    And the 7 y/o is going to be a fairy, with wings and antennae.

    We are going to be going to Hallejuia Night with our church. It's a safe alternative for our children. Hay rides, bobbing for apples, and all the good stuff!
  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    But is anyone going to class in costume? I have a "Pride and Prejudice" dress my mom made for me. It's not really appropriate for fall. It's white cotton with short sleeves. I also have this lovely black velvet cloak, thanks to mom again, that I will wear over it. We only have class from 8-11 so I won't be wearing it all day. And most people think I'm wierd anyway.