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I need some feedback on how to deal with some of the issues that I am facing now in week 5 of school. Its really gotten old. We have lots of instructors that do not communicate well with each other,... Read More

  1. by   nurse4theplanet
    Quote from SunDvl
    I need some feedback on how to deal with some of the issues that I am facing now in week 5 of school. Its really gotten old. We have lots of instructors that do not communicate well with each other, countless hours of busy work, confusing assignments, and students who instead of supporting each other are contstantly trying to show each other up I can litterally feel the knots forming in my shoulders and neck right now. I manage time well and dont procrastinate.... so how do I learn to enjoy school again?

    Uggghhh...you sound like me last semester in OB/PEDS. The three instructors fought constantly, were caddy, extremely unorganized, would interrupt each other's lectures, and would question each other's actions right in front of the class....extremely unprofessional behavior. Not to mention, it frustrated and annoyed the heck out of us. One instructor would tell you something, then another would contradict her...you never knew what to do.

    And, the smaller our class got and the more repeaters that were added in the mix...the more 'clique-ish' and competitive the class became.

    My advice...grin and bear the instructors if you must. You could speak to the director of the program about your problem directly or write an anonymous letter if you feel like you would face repercussions. Put it on the class evaluation, if your school has such a thing.

    As for the students, do not buy into the competition. Do not share your grades. "I did well" or "I am happy with my grade" are great answers and I use them often. Always remain friendly and polite, and only divulge personal information to those who you know you can trust. The same will be true once you are in the 'real world'. Never burn any bridges because you may end up working for one of your classmates.
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    I'm not where you are yet, but I have heard enough to know what you are talking about. Nursing does have a huge price to pay, but once you get there, it will be soooo worth whatever you had to deal with. Good luck.
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    Quote from jov
    well, what are your options if you quit nursing school? Maybe you can be a checker at Jewel?
    Seriously do you know how many people would DIE for this opportunity? You will be a well-respected professional in the hottest job market around. You will get a job any where, with benefits no less. You will have the chance to make a difference in others' lives.
    Perhaps you might want to think about starting a gratitude list.
    I thought that this reply was a little rude and out of line. If you do decide to quit nursing school, there are PLENTY of other majors that you could go in. This reply assuming you will quit and become a checker at Jewel is rude and jumps to conclusions if you ask me. I also disagree with her on being a well-respected professional, this is not true everywhere. In fact, I have felt that most the time it is not considered a profession and it's not respected. Yes, there are a lot of jobs and with benefits, but there's also a reason why that is. Making a difference in someone else's life, I totally agree with that statement, but is that going to be enough to keep you in nursing? I doubt it. I don't know how long ago this person went to nursing school, but I just went through it myself not too long ago, and I can totally relate to what you are saying. Some schools are a big cluster u know what...but if you really want to be a nurse..just ignore all the ignorance and just do for you. Maybe find one person in your class that you can study with, hang out with, go to lunch with and just keep it to the 2 of you. You're right, it's clicky and the more young girls in the class the worse it is. We had girls in our class keying cars of other girls in the class ahead of us. There were arguments, tears, fights, you name it!!! It is a VERY stressful time and it might get ugly. I went to 2 different schools for LPN and RN and they were both like that. Just worry about yourself and study. By the time your class actually graduates, more than 1/4th of those girls in those clicks won't even be there..they will flunk out or miss too many days. Just concentrate on YOU!! Hope that helps!!! Good luck!
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  4. by   RFrank4
    I'm sorry to hear that you're having such an awful time of it. I feel your pain!

    I just had my 2nd clinical checkoff today. The first one was kind of a freebie to everyone (as it was our first week of school), so this was really tough. The instructor was upset that I was not wearing the proper uniform (I ordered through the nursing office-half the class' uniforms aren't in yet, so we were told to wear plainclothes), I was expecting the checkoff to be in a different room, and was disoriented as to where supplies were.

    I'd never worked with this checkoff instructor or partner before, and one more thing: I was expecting (as it was for practice, only) to keep my clothes on. My partner and I had to rearrange each other's boobs doing apical pulses. This had NOT been explained to me. I am a very private person-I've taken the CNA course and have no problem taking Other people's clothes off, cleaning poo, etc. I don't want to expose my fat, pale body to others, however.

    So yea, we're all having some issues. Doesn't mean we'll quit-just glad this site exists to vent every once in a while. I'm very glad that I'm finally in. It's just, lots of household stress as well.

    Keep it up, all. Hang in there, and good luck! It's worth it.
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    Quote from SunDvl
    I dont think I said anywhere in my post that I wanted to quit. Are you in nursing school yet? Do you know how frustrating it can get? Im grateful that I got in, and for the opportunity that I have, but its not without its flaws and frustrations.
    Hang in there, can't tell you how many times I wanted to quite. It will be time well spent. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Nursing school will not kill you. umpiron:
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    My class has some of the same types of people, I think of them as caddy. I really have just found my own group and we are sticking together!
    I think out of my class only 2 of us have cried, I am one of them
    We are doing Med-Test Out now, so we are only in Mod A (1/2 of a semester)
    Good luck to you. I think some of the others had mentioned, think about why you want to get through. I know it is hard to turn your back on some people, I know I just try to.
  7. by   katiebear1382
    I have my days when I feel the same way. It's hard, but so rewarding. There are some girls in my class that I don't like and a lot that I do. I take friday night after my clinical to just do me things and spend time out with friends. Its my one day not to be a nursing student, but an everyday person. as we say in nursing school "people dumber than me have done this", we also take time in our study groups and labs to laugh about stuff. Finding something funny in the text or something that another student does or says eases some of the tension. The instructors are there to help you, find one or two that you click with and use them to help you. Find some girls that you know you can get along with. I have a good friend in school that has worked in the hospital for a long time and she really gives me insite into the real world. Hang in there! You can do this!!!!!!! forget all those who make it hard for you and surround yourself with those who help you.
  8. by   boofmd
    I just graduated from school in May so I still have very clear visions of what nursing school was. It WAS NOT FUN!!!! But if it's something that you love and enjoy doing, then it is definitely worth sticking it out. My school was pretty much the same- absolutely no communication between instructors, lots of busy work and team projects due at the same time of every test and Final exams and there was always those people who thought they were better than everyone else. As long as you keep focused and keep truckin along, it is definitely worth the wait.
    There were days when I just didn't wanna go back and was ready to give up. I found a certain few people that we were very supportive of each other and we vented, studied and became very good friends.
    If you want it, go for it. Nobody understands better though than the friends you meet in school. Find a support circle of friends and give it your all. It's by no means fun or stress-free. Just stay away from the cliques. Don't get involved in that because it is definitely not worth the time or energy to deal with all the drama. There are many different people out there so going to school with this situation is enlightening and it shows you what you don't want to be professionaly.
  9. by   Kinky Slinky RN
    Hey SunDvl... sounds like you go to my school? I am currently in the last semester of nursing school, and I can't wait to get out... You know what I've learned?? It's ok to have a break down every week if need be lol or at least ONCE a semester is NORMAL

    Another way to survive to is to find at least ONE person that you can click with and trust... The first thing our teacher told us first semester was "Look around at the people in here... Don't upset them... You'll need them later." And, you know... that's kinda true... You will rely on the other people in your class more than you can imagine... So I'd find someone I click with, and hang on to them!!! It definitely helps to have someone you can trust and can confide in... Because NO ONE knows what your going through in nursing school, EXCEPT your classmates!!

    Sure, people are consistently trying to one up the other in nursing school, but I think that's because we all want to be the best at what we do, and we can't really except failure, which is generally why we go into nursing.

    Another thing I started doing religiously now... is get a facial at least once a month... There's a business around here that does facials for $39, and TOTALLY worth every penny!! I recommend it =) There's also another business that does FULL BODY MASSAGES for $39/HOUR... So look up businesses around you to pamper yourself =) You need to have YOU time. I know it's hard with studying, working, clinicals, going to class because by the time your done with your REQUIRED TO DO LIST.. You really don't want to do much else.. But, pampering yourself is a must!! How can you take care of someone else if you can't take care of yourself?!

    I also have a countdown to the VERY last day of the semester.. I currently have 65 days until HESI/graduation... For me it works... some other people go by weeks, so when you have finished one day/week, it makes you feel like you have accomplished something, and you're THAT much closer to the end =)

    And the last thing... Remember to BREATHE!!!!! You will survive... If you have the determination and motivation to succeed... YOU WILL!!!!!

    Oh yeah, and also remember... you have the support of EVERYONE on allnurses... I'm sure everyone on these forums are more than willing to support you, encourage you, answer questions, give advice, etc... We've all been in your place =) Take advantage of having several RNs and fellow nursing students at your fingertips... GOOD LUCK!!!! Email me if you need help =)
  10. by   06rncawastate
    I just graduated from nursing school last June-I can tell you it was a HUGE relief to be done!It was defintely one of the hardest things i had to doThere will always be people who try to outdo others, try to show they are the best but just try to ignore them .You are there for You, do the best you can, be honest, learn all that you can and figure out how to do it all and not get too stressed. One of the theories we came up with at our class sinc we went through so much and so many changes, was that they are testing us. nurses go through so much on a daily basis ,so much stressful situations that school is kind of a starting point in beign able to deal with it.
    Just remember to take each day at a time, it will be worth it in the end but in the meantime remember to take care of yourself too.