1. I am so bloody mad I could throw something!

    Just received a letter from the instructor of our next nursing class that begins when we come back from Christmas break - you know, the break we have all been looking forward to?????

    We have an assignment to study and complete new math calculations from a handout given to us at our final exam yesterday. We will be TESTED on these math calculations on Day 2 of the new class. I'm pretty sure it's a weeder test, too - fluck, and yer OUT of the nursing program.

    So, everyone, enjoy the break - I'll be doing math!!!
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  3. by   PurrRN
    I can feel your frustration coming through the screen. So sorry. I know I really needed the down time this break just to recharge and get myself back together for this next round of information overload.

    Good luck,
  4. by   ACESfan87
    Wow I feel for you this is crazyness. But i wish u luck.
  5. by   moongirl

    I smile because I have been there.. and still am! the begining of third semester actaully started for me about a month before the first class, there was a boat load of stuff due on the very first day. I start my last semester- woot woot -in January. the actual start date is the 22nd and we were told this week- take some time for yourself over break, dont even think about school until January 2nd. gee thanks!
  6. by   allthingsbright
    Yeah, we have the same thing! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   proudmama
    Oh you are so lucky. I have to do a pedi notebook that will take all Christmas break, a family genogram, math, a reading. To add to it, I have my son out of daycare for the break. I guess I don't get much of a break.
  8. by   Rosa2Little
    Yup. Math test at the start of the semester for EVERY nursing class, and you need to pass it to continue. Frustrating, but the principle behind it -- patient safety -- is important so I guess we have to deal. I'm not thinking about it until the week before classes start again.
  9. by   survivor08
    I'm feeling ya. We have the math test going on PLUS a clinical skill check off that will be on one of SIX different clinical skills. :angryfire We also have many chapters to read to prepare for week one and it is "suggested" that we do drug cards on the most commonly used meds. (Thank you for the template found here on this website) Break....What break ???? Good news is that I made an "A" in Nursing 1..Hooray. 1 semester down 3 to go !!!
  10. by   WDWpixieRN
    We were also given a sheet to be reviewed, signed/dated of our last semester's checkoffs to show that we are ready to perform them in clinicals next semester....I had also planned to study ahead on fluids and electrolytes which I understand gets a lot of students next much for TOTAL rest when you factor in the holidays!!
  11. by   sassyRN73
    That sucks, but yet another thing that nursing instructors love to do is throw something at ya at this time of the year. Going into my last semester in January Final for semester 3 on friday. We haven't got anything but they love to hand out reading schedules for the semester breaks and I won't be touching it until after January 6th. I am taking some much needed time off as this semsester was the worst by far. To all of you going on your breaks please take at least one day for yourselves. If you don't no one will give you one. Take care and have a restful holiday season!!
  12. by   abundantjoy07
    I'm starting Critical Care nursing (last semester) as well as Leadership & Management.
    I am bringing my textbooks in these two classes home so I can be prepared when the semester begins again. I'm also taking my NCLEX books...I don't know if I'll honestly go through that, but I'm definately studying for my next two classes...I want to be as prepared as possible.
    Neurophysiology here I come!:smilecoffeeIlovecof
  13. by   bopps
    Awww. that sucks!!
  14. by   locolorenzo22
    Completely agree, we got our general course outline for first week of new semester, but I'm not even looking at it until week after new year's, because really, am I going to focus on any of that stuff? Also, found out our class is meeting in a big room with floor to ceiling windows that look out on hallway!! So much for focusing!
    BTW, keep your chin up...with work, at least you can leave it behind after school ends....