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I hate them! Anyone agree? These nursing schools need to realize that adults don't have time for group meetings. Usually one or two do all of the work and there is nothing that you can do about it... Read More

  1. by   BS Nursing Student
    These so called projects to promote "teamwork" have taught me who NOT to work with. In the future, some will be asked by myself to find a different group if they come my way.
  2. by   linzz
    This is an old thread but here goes, group projects do teach you who not to work with. I had to do a few and one group had me and two slackers, and the other group I was in had two control freaks who actually bullied one or two of the other members. Uggh! Group projects are tough for those that want as a cooperative team. It really is a learning experience about the work habits of others.
  3. by   Daytonite
    team projects are going to be continued to be assigned because more can be accomplished in teams and because as nurses you are being taught this as a job skill. one of the skills of the job is learning to work as a team with other nurses. this is a skill and responsibility that comes with being in leadership positions. rns and lpns are in leadership positions whether it formally says "leader" on your name badge or not. as an employee you will often be expected to participate in team activities whether you want to or not. i've worked in some facilities that make membership on at least one committee by the nursing staff mandatory. as a paid, working staff nurse i was involved in two large team projects where i had to work with a group of other nurses to accomplish special projects for the hospital. one was the making of an educational video and the other was a community service project that our facility was involved in.

    here are links to websites that were developed to help students survive a group project. if your instructors didn't give you any specific directions for your teamwork project, use these as your guideline and go to your instructors with these guidelines and any problems you are having with team members to get help in dealing with them.
  4. by   GeauxNursing
    Yes, I'd rather work alone. but that is a great idea, to threaten to not put the slacker names on the final copy.
  5. by   momathoner09
    Last semester we had to a group project and form the group within our clincial group ( 7 ppl). Well, it was a mad rush to form groups and me and a friend of mine were left out when four of the 7 made their group without even asking us what we were doing. Then the 3rd girl in our group (we were the remaining 3 so we had to work together) got kicked out of the program! Needless to say 2 of us had to do the work of 4- no fun!