1. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. Any advice for a stuggling Nursing student is welcome. Thank you.
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  3. by   moni rn
    welcome! steph! :d :d
  4. by   GPatty
    Glad to have ya!!!
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    Hello.... I am also new to this board... I will be starting nursing school in Jan, and so far this board has been very enjoyable to read.... Anyone from Arkansas... well actually I am from Mississippi, but have been living in AR for a lil over a year now...
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    Welcome to all the new members.
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  8. by   Aerolizing
    Hi and welcome,
    The best advice I ever got was from my history prof and he said get a study partner. He told us that would help us more than we could ever imagine and he was right. No one else could understand what we go through as students.

    Good luck
  9. by   Tina Ennis
    Hi, I am also a new member. I am in the final stretch of nursing school. I graduate in May I can't wait. My best advise is to get a study partner or group, it really helps.

  10. by   giftedRN

    jUST WORK HARD. you will be okay.

    This si the BEST Forum!!
  11. by   puzzler
    Welcome to our world

    You will find you have to "eat, drink, and breath" nursing. We need all the help we can get so hang in there.

    If you feel things are not making any sense, just remember there will come a day when it all seems to fall into place.

    Good luck and study, study
  12. by   thewhip
    Hi! I too am a student and glad to find a positive forum! Some can be pretty negative. I will be starting some nursing classes this semester coming up and I am a little nervous about doing well so I can get accepted into the nursing program. It is hard to discipline yourself to study but if you really work to the best of your ability everything will be good! I learned not to be so hard on myself because it only made me more nervous! We can do it! We are future nurses, YAAA!
  13. by   kirst
    Hi everyone:-P
    I am also a student nurse who has just signed up. So a big HELLO!! to eveyone and I look forward to chatting to you all.
  14. by   Robin61970
    I am from Arkansas!!! I live in Fort smith and attend bout you? I am doing prereqs right now and applying for the program in May for August classes.....good luck to you....