Great Christmas present

  1. boy did my parentals come through this christmas..i got the best book for christmas. Nursing2002 Drug Handbook...i know most of you have probably seen this book on the floor during clinicals, i know i have, but now i have my VERY OWN! it's fabulous, i am just amazed with comes with a little tiny CD ROM , and it has a spanish-english common drug phrase translation in the back. Takes all the info those drug cards i always drop all over the place have on them and puts it all into a little absolutely wonderful investment...a little pricey for a book, esp. with the hundreds of dollars we spend on text books, but i would HIGHLY recomend it to anyone! it runs between 35-40 dollars, ma got it at Borders or walden books i think. hope everyone had a good christmas and agreat new year, and you do'nt have too much snow!
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  3. by   Gigglez
    Hey Walmart ADN, can you tell me what the ISBN number is on that book. I may just order it but I live in Canada and we don't have those book stores you mentioned here. Greatly appreciated.

  4. by   Mkue
    Nice gift !!!

    Merry Christmas
  5. by   WalMart_ADN
    yeah no is.....hmmm..where is it???? oh here it is...

    ISBN 1-58255-122-7

    Good Luck!
  6. by   GPatty
    COOL GIFT!!!!
    Hope your Holidays were wonderful!
  7. by   MRed94
    Awesome gift! I got the Lippincott version for 2002, AND I got the Chicken soup for the Nurse's soul.

    Parentals are wonderful, huh?

  8. by   Whisper
    Congratulations on a great present. My parents got me a BNF, and a promise to buy me a new one for if/when I qualify! Thankfully they are not very expensive about 7, which is good considering they are published twice a year
  9. by   WalMart_ADN
    what is a BNF??

    chicken soup for the nurses soul...THAT is a great book. I got it for my birthday, and i loved it so much that my rotation one med-surg clinical group gave it to our instructor as a thank-you. when you read it it makes you feel all warm and THIS is why i'm doing this!!!!!
  10. by   Nrswannab
    I got the Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul, a soup cup that says, "Nurses are Souper," and a very pretty porcelin nurse with an angel looking over her and it has the serenity prayer in the background (I think my Mom got it from The Franklin Mint or one of those companies). It's beautiful and the first in the series.
  11. by   Whisper
    BNF stands for British National Formulary. It is a a book with the list of all drugs in it, with indications, counter indications, and various names for the same drug , as well as which drugs can not be given at the same time.

    Sorry for using the abreviation, i forget that most of you are on the other side of the planet.

    In case I didn't explain the BNF very well, the web version of it can be found at :
  12. by   meownsmile
    That is a nice drug book. Someone did their homework for christmas presents. My school had us buy a different book but i have always liked the Nursing Drug book best.

    I suggest a subscription to Nursing 2002 magazine also as a present to yourself. It has some great tips and tricks and good articles. See