Got a website?

  1. Many of us have websites with nursing links and information on them. We could post them here to make it easier for others to use them!

    If your website doesn't have links about nursing, you can post it anyway! We can all just learn a little more about eachother?
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  3. by   Katmease
    LOL, my Hubby & I stand three stallions & our web addy is . Just keep in mind I'm not a professional photographer or web builder.

    It's definitely not nursing related.
  4. by   janleb

    This is my student nursing web site. It is a bit cluttered but lots of useful information.
  5. by   itzmejessy
    No real nursing information on my site. Although I should get some links up My Blog.. I update it more then once a day.

  6. by   crnasomeday
    I started my nursing student's site, The Student Nurse's Study Lounge , a bit over a year ago, and I've worked pretty hard to keep adding to the content. So far, there are sections for chemistry, A&P, medical terminology, pediatric nursing & pharmacology. Online are class notes and files for printing out note cards, and lots of online tests. I also give an award for other nursing sites, so all of you with your own sites are welcome to apply
    My other site, which is very new yet, is Bizzy Bee Graphics . I still have quite a bit to do on that site, but you can find lots of free nursing and medical graphics there.
  7. by   zannie
    not nursing related, just my personal site.
  8. by   NurseAngie
    Katmease, I loved the pics! Beautiful horses- they don't have those kind of pretties here. Only "farm" horses here in Naples. (They use the horses to pull carts and things like that)
  9. by   Cardiolo
    What a wonderful idea for sharing information, Brandy! Here's mine...

    MSU Nursing Students' Association

    I updated all pages today except the photo page (the last semester was a busy one for me). Some of the photos will be slow to load while others will load faster. I am still compressing some of the earlier ones, and converting to thumbnails.

    Please let me know if any links, pics., etc. are broken. The University's IS dept. has moved a few things around . Everyone, feel free to use whatever you like and let me know what you think. All suggestions, comments, and questions are welcome.