Getting closer and closer!!!

  1. So I finally got my roommate information today. Just to fill you all in....I'm going to be a transfer student and this will be my third year. My first two years weren't a huge waste, I got rid of almost all of my gen-ed courses and took mainly science classes. So after Labor Day, I'm starting my third year, but my first year as a nursing major. I'm also very nervous about getting a new roommate b/c for the past two years I've been rooming w/ my best friend from high school which turned out to be the best decision I ever made b/c we get along great.
    So I opened up my envelope and what do you know....she has the same first name as me but with an "i" at the end of hers. How weird....I dont know too many people w/ my name. So I figure, she's gotta be pretty cool if she has the same name as me haha Now I'm just tryin to figure out how to go abouts calling her. I dont wanna be like "Hi this is Kerry, is Kerri there?" Yikes. I guess I'll figure that all out when I get the nerve to call her. Ok just thought I'd share my excitement/nervousness as I get closer to heading off to nursing school! Good luck to everyone this year

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  3. by   Mkue
    hi kerry, what a coincidence that you have the same first name only spelled a little different.

    well she can't be all that bad right? good luck this fall and enjoy school.
  4. by   GPatty
    Hi Kerry!
    You're gonna be fine and I'm sure you and Kerri will get along great!
    Best of Luck in Nursing School!

  5. by   RNIAM
    Good luck to you!
  6. by   Hooligan
    Good luck Kerry! That brings back memories...I remember my first roomate....Funny...she was a Carrie! God I miss college life...It's just not the same the second time around...Please don't forget to take the time to enjoy yourself!!! Even if your roommate is a pig...oh...sorry...that was my Carrie!! Hehehehe
  7. by   kcsunshyn8
    HAHA Thanks everybody! I know I'll be fine it will just take me awhile to get adjusted. I just wish I knew at least one person at the whole school, but I dont. Oh well, I guess I have to start standing on my own two feet and make some friends. But with a name like Kerry, that shouldn't be hard to do haha!
  8. by   kcsunshyn8
    OK so I finally got the nerve to call my new roommate(Kerri) today and she told me that she just got a full time job and decided that she isnt gonna start until the spring She sounded really nice and she is a transfer student just like me. I called the school today and they have to call me back but the last thing I want is a single room. I like company and plus I dont know anyone as it is. This just adds to my stress and nervousness about starting a whole new school. I guess things happen for a reason right? Oh well I'm just going to try to be optimistic about it, maybe I'll get an even cooler roommate But that will be hard without a name like Kerry haha jk!

  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to you! welcome!