1. I'm just venting so bear with me. What is it with these tests???? I just finished semester 2 of 4 and I swear the tests are 100% harder than any NCLEX book questions I have ever seen. I've gone through Lippencott, Saunders, Prentice-Hall and one other and I get the answers right 90% of the time. Our final was SO hard that only one person got an A. Many people failed (under 70) but still passed for the semester. I studied my butt off and I got a 77. I'm even more upset because my average for the semester was a 79 and our instructor said that if we were on the border they would give us the higher grade. Well, they didn't give me the higher grade, they gave me a C. That's my first final C in my entire college career. 9 unit class and I'm stuck with a C. I'm pissed! I made B's in Anatomy, Physiology and Micro and I was going through a separation from an addict DH, selling my house, raising 3 & 5 year old boys and moved twice during those classes! WHY do they make this so hard??? There were so many questions on the final that were out of left field, stuff we NEVER covered. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

    Ok, venting done. I can move on now. Oh, yeah, we have our math test the first day of the next semester. FUN FUN!

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  3. by   allthingsbright
    yeah...i know the feeling. they dont round in my program at all so i missed A's in two classes by literally a test question each.

    i guess the goal is to pass boards--so they make it grueling on us.

  4. by   nurseangel47
    Don't get so hung up on the numbers, as long as you pass. I didn't do that well fact, a lot of subjects were tough to pull off as a good C which was standardized for nursing students to stay in the program, period. :caduceus:
    I had to have tutors for pharacological nursing calculations and formulas, and in the cardiac portion of the anatomy and physiology.
    So....didn't end up scoring too high on the nursing boards, either. I take tests poorly. But can and do remember the important stuff and apply it aptly to life's situations.
    I'm a darned fine nurse and grades no not really matter at all when it comes to true and heart felt nursing.
    Skills, integrity, empathy...these are the heartstrings and soul of nurses.
  5. by   x3xsolxdierx3x
    We all need to vent every once in a while....

    hang in there, eandgsma!

    (That was my VERY first post EVER) lol
  6. by   blackberry4eva
    yes i agree with all posts on this one. i too can take the practice nclex tests and pass. our tests questions are always out of left field. i think they do this to weed people out. i made c's all semester with the exception of one b. our school does not do rounding either and an 80 is a c. i was a merit student also before entering the program, but now barely passing. i have just decided to not get hung up on grades and just be thankful that i passed because so many do not.
  7. by   eandgsma
    Thanks everyone for replying. I'm feeling much better now. I know that grades don't really matter. I just have high standards for myself and I need to let the numbers go.

    Thanks again! Good Luck to everyone next semester!
  8. by   sydie

    Wish I could tell you that 3rd is better, but it's not! The final was brutal, no matter how much I studied it didn't matter. Most of the info had never been covered and there was so much psych on there!

    Good luck!
  9. by   BVFD 333
    Hang in there, You passed !!!
    it always could be woerst, in my ADN pogram a 77 is failing!
    A = 100-93
    B = 92-87
    C = 86-78
    <78 Fail
  10. by   kgkarma
    Quote from BVFD 333
    Hang in there, You passed !!!
    it always could be woerst, in my ADN pogram a 77 is failing!
    A = 100-93
    B = 92-87
    C = 86-78
    <78 Fail
    I just finished my first semester in the LPN program with an 82 and damn happy to get it. One of my instructors told us whether we have an 'A' or a 'C', we'll all be going to the next semester. We had our lecture exam on Friday and the final on Monday. Not only that but I got a terrible cold and couldn't study as much as I would have liked. That being said, the class avg. for our final was a '72' which means a lot of people didn't make it to the next semester. Thank goodness me and all of my study buddies made it.

    I'm taking my 'C' and :smiley_aa
  11. by   BVFD 333
    good job, are you ready for the NCLEX????
  12. by   kgkarma
    Quote from BVFD 333
    Hang in there, You passed !!!
    it always could be woerst, in my ADN pogram a 77 is failing!
    A = 100-93
    B = 92-87
    C = 86-78
    <78 Fail
    My school is on the same grading scale as yours and they don't do any rounding either. Last year their was a girl that failed in her last semester with a 77.9.

    My question is, why are most of the nursing instructors so damn cold. They talk about nurses eating their young but there won't be anything left by the time they finish chewing us up. I have a friend at another school that is going through the same thing.

    At most community colleges the average student is not right out of school. They've been in the workplace, have children, sometimes grand children and don't need to be yelled at and treated like children. It really amazes me how arrogant and disrespectful some of the instructors are.

    They know you can't do anything about it and they don't have to worry about their positions as long as the pass rate on the NCLEX looks good. Some of the things that I've seen them say and do to people is unbelievable. Thank goodness my clinical instructor was wonderful and we all loved her. The bad thing is, we can't have her again. All I can do is pray that I get lucky again and hopefully get one of the part time instructors who seem to be more caring and understanding.

    Sorry but just needed to vent.