Ok here it is im about to Vent again... We are soo broke its not funny. MY husband is the only income in the household. while im in school im not working, I just had a baby, and I have 3 other kids..... Read More

  1. by   marilynmom
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    My dtr applied for grants-she makes 6.00 per hour-made to much money to qualify-go figure. She is taking out student loans. I have four kids in college right now. I feel your pain.

    Do you clain her as a dependent?
  2. by   echo*echo

    I remember applying for loans and grants when I left high school. My parents split up my last year of high school, and other than a roof over my head I didn't get any other financial support--not even food. I worked full-time my last two years of high school. Yet they both wanted to claim me as a dependent for tax purposes, and because of this I had to factor my income as well as theirs. I never got any grant money because of this, and not much loan money until several years later. Basically if you are considered a dependent, it's your parent's income they look at, not yours. I doubt it has changed.

    I plan on applying for grants and Aid beginning with my second semester of pre-reqs. I've been mostly self-employed the past two years and my business wasn't very profitable. I will be working as much as possible during my year of pre-reqs, but after that I know I won't have hardly any income. Without loans or grants I don't have a chance as I won't qualify for housing assistance. Only families, single mothers, the disabled, or the elderly are eligible for rental vouchers. I'm already without insurance, so that puts me in an even more precarious position. If for any reason I am denied a student loan, my dream of becoming a nurse dies. Regardless, I am in for a stressful few years!
  3. by   debralynn
    My LPN school didn't take student loans either, but I did get Pell grants, also we have a program in Arkansas (use to be called Workforce, also Manpower), that actually paid for all my LPN school, and I got to live on my Pell Grant. I also worked everyother weekend as a tech at our local hospital which brought in about $115.00 for 2 days work. See if your state has a program like this. Good Luck
  4. by   2ner
    I don't know if I'm talking about the same thing as DebraLynn, but....

    In Louisiana they had a program called JTPA that would pay your books, tuition and like 3 bux an hour (you had to have the teacher sign your "timesheet") back in 92 or so. But you had to fill out the fsfa application and be eligible for pell grants. The good thing was that not only did they pay for your tuition and stuff, but you were able to pocket the grant money.

    They used to be located in the Unemployment office, but I have no clue about it now....Just check into it.

    Sure do hope everything works out ok, but I'm sure it will.

    I think we're all broke as a joke right about now....I question my decision to do this everyday, but I keep my head up and focus on the prize

    good luck!!!!!
  5. by   CseMgr1
    Hang in there, Hun:kiss Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY. If nothing else, think of going to nursing school as your "survival kit". I did...and I thank my lucky stars every day that I did, for less than two years after I graduated....my sorry a-- husband walked out on me and our son, who was five years old at the
    time. You might also want to read The Nurses' Story by Carol Gino, for inspiration. I still have the original paperback which I bought back in 1983 (when I was going through my divorce)...and I still get teary-eyed, whenever I read it. Her character in the book was abandoned by her alcoholic husband,
    with two kids to support. She had no skills, and she had to fight Manpower, in order to get into L.P.N. school. She made it...and eventually got her R.N. It is an outstanding testimony of one woman's strength, as she fought bureaucrats, arrogant nursing supervisors, doctors, hospitals and lazy co-workers....and survived.
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    As a mother to 4 children I know what you mean....I have been in that situation before. I would suggest researching and finding out if your city and/or state has a child care resource and referral agency. Many of these agencies assist with child care. As far as paying your tuition a loan may be the best thing to do right now. I'm very surprised that your school doesn't take federal loans....HTH

  7. by   B.T.H
    I know how you feel. My wife and I are both going through pre-reqs for nursing, and I was working to keep up with the galleries at the same time to pay the bills. With the economy lately it's been very tight to say the least. I think in your situation you should be able to qualify for a lot of aide if you apply. I'm taking the CNA course along with my other pre-reqs this fall. I'm hoping that I can get into a hospital working nights to help with the bills. I will be applying for all the scholarships out there next year as well. I'm hoping that the work I put in to get good grades will pay off sooner then later......I wonder if struggling to make ends meet and putting food on the table during nursing school is God's way of insuring we really want to do this and strengthening our resolve for the struggles to come after we become nurses? hmmm....What can't kill us will only make us stronger(as long as we don't get disillusioned and lose our focus) At any rate, we share your struggles and your pain. You are not alone, hang in there. B.T.H
  8. by   bob007cat
    Have you considered taking your act again? I did and made high enough that I received $4650 in scholarships just for the ACT
  9. by   Lisa1970
    I don't know your situation, but here in IN the Hospitals here will pay for your tuition if you sign a work contract with them. The Hospital that I work for does not require you to work for them until after school is completed. ( I am working as an aid), but I know of another hospital that does require you to work for them. They also pay you a full time wage. They count the hours that you are in school. Maybe it would be worth looking into. I hope all goes well for you. Lisa
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    Well I decided that Im not going to stress about it . I have a big test coming up on TUesday. If by September I dont get the money I need to pay for the next level then I will go to another school. I know nursing school is stressful but I didnt think I would be stressing about how to pay for it.. I was in such a rush to get into any school, that I didnt think about how I was going to pay once I got accepted to this LPN program. besides not taking student loans there are several things that I dont like about THIS LPn Program.

    #1 the director is a Witch every time I go into her office to try and talk to her about something important she acts like she dont want to be bother
    #2 No one seems to ever know whats going on, We always find out at the last minute if we are going to clinical
    #3 there is no support systems there no one you can talk to if you have problems...
    #4 when you go to tutoring the tutors dont know the material themselves..

    I can go on and on.....
    I got accepted into a RN program also and the reason why I didnt go because I had a baby and didnt want to leave her at such a young age.. But know IM thinking maybe I should have gone into the RN program.. I could have gotten $$$ to help me and Support..
    They still have my application so if the LPN program does happen then I will just have to start over and go into the RN program...
  11. by   NurseStacey143
    I am just wondering, if you cant afford childcare to get a part time job, where will you put them while you are in school?
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by born2banurse
    ok here it is im about to vent again... we are soo broke its not funny. my husband is the only income in the household. while im in school im not working, i just had a baby, and i have 3 other kids.. im soo stressed!! in september its time for me to pay for the next level of nursing school. i dont know how im going to do it.. we have no $$$ our vechile broke down.. and can hardly put food on the table.. i was thinking about having having a employer pay for my tutition and in return sign a contract to work for them for two years after i finish school... i really didnt want to do that.. but i dont have any other choice at this point.. does anyone have any suggestions?? it has to get better than this...
    have you tried for an academic scholarship or maybe the nursing department has nursing scholarships. ask in person.
  13. by   Bevi
    Hi.......I'm wondering how the search for funds is going.....
    hope all is well,