five r's? HELP i've forgotten one!

  1. I'm a 19yr nurse who's ashamed to say that after being out of acute care for 7 years that I can't remeber my five R's of medication administration.All I can remeber is right parient, right drug,right dose, right route,and ???? please help. let me know if I have any wrong also. thanks
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  3. by   jp#1
    Right time! It's OK to forget; I do too!
  4. by   kewlnurse
    Some say the 6th right is the right to refuse
  5. by   janine3&5
    In my program, we're taught the 7 rights, all above and also right technique and right documentation.
  6. by   LJoyW_27
    one way me and my study group use to remember the 5 rights are
    MD TPR
    med dose time patient route
    that way there is 2 familiar things we can use, MD for dr. and TPR for vitals, incorporated into something else
  7. by   medstudent1214
    Acronynms are like memory links to help retrieve important information under stress. Our militaries use acronynms to assist members to be highly functioning under extremely stressful situations. Nurses work everyday in this environment. Thanks for sharing. I'll be using this acronymn.
  8. by   JamieJCST
    We are at 10 rights in my program:

    Right Patient
    Right Time
    Right Medication
    Right Dosage
    Right Route
    Right Documentation
    Right to Refuse
    Right Patient Education
    Right Assessment
    Right Evaluation
  9. by   ashleyisawesome