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  1. Any Cert. Psych. Nurses around here?

    I am.
  2. more fun things to do, by my bro. nurse matt

    I absolutely love these! PLEASE publish these. I laughed till I cried! MORE, MORE!
  3. What Freaks You Out?

    kday, Brenda Braun, & NiteOwl: I howled laughing when I read your posts!!!!!! This is the BEST post/subject I've read here in months!
  4. BSN or BUST

    Tim, you must work at the same place I do!! I think to myself--my own kind (nurses) are such an embarassment to me sometimes. This is so sad. Guess it wouldn't be so bad, IF I didn't remember what it was like so long ago and far away. At one time, we...
  5. What Freaks You Out?

    External pins in orthopaedic surgical pts. and vomit!! Just can't stand it.
  6. five r's? HELP i've forgotten one!

    Right time! It's OK to forget; I do too!
  7. Communications w/families of hospitalized pts

    I'm a psych. nurse, too. Dealing with the families of pts. is my favorite part of their care!! Unfortunately, many times the number of family members involved in their lives is scarce or non-existent. However, when I do have that opportunity, I try t...
  8. Women Need Only Apply... A male perspective...

    My experience with male nurses and techs in the OB/delivery was as a patient! My kids were delivered in a military hospital overseas many, many years ago. I think the males who attended me in my agony were male corpsmen, so I think that would probabl...
  9. Nursing Spectrum down?

    Must be--I tried 3 times with no luck!!
  10. Pt. suffering for sake of cost containment!!

    My last comment "rocket scientist" was meant for the MD. You should commended for everything you're trying to do for this lady. You must be a TERRIFIC NURSE! Let us know how things turn out.
  11. Pt. suffering for sake of cost containment!!

    Never heard of Neurontin for diabetic neuropathy in my life! Also, better look Neurontin max. dosage--it's 1800mg/day per Mosby's 2001. Both Risperdal and Neurontin have side effects of agitation. Most psychiatrists (rather, the good ones) I've worke...
  12. Pt. suffering for sake of cost containment!!

    Been a psych nurse for quite a few years and would be interested to know how old this pt. is. I have found the geriatric population do not respond well to Risperdal often. Sounds like it's a paradox effect. As far as what can you do? Get the family t...
  13. Nurses @ Higher Risk 4 Lawsuits.

    To Sub-Q: First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VALIDATING EVERYTHING I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW! I agree with everything you said! Let me share a true story with you: I attended the Board hearing of a registered nurse in the early 1990's. She had been coer...
  14. How do you work with a ***** ???

    You deserved the day off!! Good for you! Maybe you can offer a pint of blood next time instead of working anywhere in that place. It sounds like a nightmare that wouldn't end!
  15. Nurse to nurse communication

    Why communicate? If they talked with each other and helped each other out---they simply wouldn't feel good about it! Their egos would suffer; it certainly wouldn't make them look very good in front of the other wolves--excuse me, I meant NURSES (just...