First test...EEK!!!

  1. First test tomorrow...nervous, to say the least....but I know that God hasn't brought me this far to let me down long as I study, that is. (There's always a catch.)

    Just wanted to throw this out there and ask all of yall that are so inclined to pray for me. My instructors are really cool and I'm fairly sure of what to expect, but I do have some serious book-hitting to do. Gonna be a long night.

    Good luck to all the rest of yall that have exams this week. I don't get to visit as much anymore now that I actually have to study (Heaven forbid), but I still like to pop in and see what's going on in the Outside World (since I don't have a life anymore).

    God bless all of y'all and thanks so much for the support! Y'all are awesome and such a blessing!

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  3. by   Angella Walker
    What class is the exam in. I have 2 exams this week nutrition and Pharm. Feeling pretty confident. I will be praying for ya!!!!

  4. by   MidwifeWannaB
    My exam is in Health Assessment and covers about 12,000 chapters! One of the guys in my class was nice enough to type up summary notes for each of the chapters and send them to everyone. Very nice of him, but I don't know where he finds the time! Yeesh!

    Good luck to you, and thanks!

  5. by   camkib
    Hello Aimee,

    Just stopped by to wish you the best of luck on your exam tomorrow! Remember to come back and let us know how you scored.
  6. by   Mkue
    Good Luck ! Wishing you the best on the exam !
  7. by   Vsummer1
    Good Luck!! I HATE first exams... they always seem harder than you expect because you haven't seen they style of the instructor's yet.
  8. by   luluann
    I can certainly relate as I had my first nursing 1 test today. It wasn't all that bad, I ended up with 52 of 54 questions right. Probably the only "A" I will ever get in nursing classes. LOL Speaking of the first one in A/P 2 tomorrow on blood....ugh!!!
  9. by   TeresaRN2b
    Good luck, good luck, good luck Aimee and I will say a prayer for you.
  10. by   cwazycwissyRN
    Dear Lord, please be with the nursing students as they prepare for their exams. Guide them and give them strength. Your will be done amen.
  11. by   2banurse
    Originally posted by Vsummer1
    Good Luck!! I HATE first exams... they always seem harder than you expect because you haven't seen they style of the instructor's yet.
    So true! My first major test is in A&P 1 next week and on the same day I also have my first A&P Practical!!!! I'm reviewing all the time though so I don't have to do one of those all day/all night study jobs the day before.

    Good luck Aimee!

  12. by   NurseDixie
    My first exam is Wednesday on the cardiovascular system. Pray for me too, I have really been hitting the books and notes.
  13. by   maire
    Good luck! My first exam isn't until Feb. 21st, but I have quizzes every day this week and every week thereafter until the end of the semester!

    Let us know how you did!
  14. by   essarge
    First exam in peds tomorrow on 9 chapters. You'll notice that I am not shocked at how many chapters there one is on 14 chapters ((((((shock))))). It seems that it doesn't matter whether you have had an instructor before because they kick it up a notch or two in the knowledge area each semester. It's tough, but you try as hard as you can!

    Best of luck to all nursing students in this last semester before.....
    SUMMER!! WHOOHOO!! Something to finally look forward too!! LOL!