First nursing school tests, how did you do?

  1. I just had my first tests in nursing school yesterday and today (lecture and lab). Boy they do make them as hard as they can, don't they?! A lot of tears were seen.. and I am totally happy I spent so many hours studying! I got an 84 on both tests.. yeah wondering how anyone else did on their first tests they ever took in nursing school? The school I am attending is known to be "the hardest one in the state" which is very scary for us freshman, but they had a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX last year!!
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  3. by   Nomijen
    My first fundies test was a 98!!! Wooooooo!
  4. by   JLChasteen
    Quote from Nomijen
    My first fundies test was a 98!!! Wooooooo!
    Wow, awesome!
    Our first test was really hard... they live up to their reputation... and one of the things they live by is "A students become C students, guaranteed"
  5. by   RKpianoman
    My nursing school is known for being one of the hardest around, as well. I knocked the first test out of the water last year with a 100. I've been living in the mid-80's ever since that haha
  6. by   JLChasteen
    Wow nice.. I know nobody even got in the 90's on ours! lol
  7. by   Nomijen
    Ours too! 600 applicants, 35 accepted and great reputation! It's nice to see so many in good schools
  8. by   Al.ginger
    I'm in accelerated program. ESL student just to mention. I got 94%
  9. by   Nomijen
    I'm 3 semester in now, and still have a 4.0 You can do it!!!
  10. by   Just_Dez
    I'm in "the top school for ADN" in my state. 500 applicants, 38 accepted, were down to 31 now. My first test I had a 89, then my next one was a 93 ( I was so excited) and my test last week was 86. We have another exam this friday and next, hopefully I can stay in the upper 80's +. I'm totally fine being a B student in nursing school!
  11. by   ORnurseCT
    I got an A on my first test. I was sick and admitted to the hospital the weekend before our second test hardly studied but just passed.
  12. by   Twinmom06
    first 2 tests were an 88 and a 92!! Final exam on 10/10 for Fundamentals 111 - start 112 next week!
  13. by   SunshineDaisy
    I got an 88 on my firsy fundamentals test. Test #2 is coming up and I am nervous!
  14. by   penaheather
    I have had four test so far 91, 72(not passing) 84 and the last is still unknown until Monday. I have 2 more test on Monday aswell. Now that I know how the test are laid out, I will know what to study and maybe I will retain it better.

    Good luck to all!