finally...found my niche!

  1. This semester seems great! Finally, in my last semester of a BSN program, I am really interested in my classes.

    This whole time, I have been wondering, there has got to be something else in nursing besides being a 'bedside' nurse. Now, don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed a lot of my patients in the past and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with hospital nursing. Only, I just don't see myself doing that consistently.

    This semester, our focus is on Leadership, Community nursing, and Policy and Procedures. I am really excited about this aspect of nursing. I can actually see myself doing something in one of these fields. The focus is more on prevention and care of well people, and I think it is so interesting to learn about the politics of nursing and how to make changes in the 'system.'

    So if any of you feel burnt out in your lower division courses because you haven't found your niche...hang in there. Something will come eventually!

    Just letting you guys know I LOVE THIS SEMESTER AND IT'S MY LAST ONE!!!
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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    That's great. That's what I love about nursing there is so many different things you can do. Everyone has their own interests and areas they prefer. I am glad you found something you like.
  4. by   dianacs
    Wow, how exciting! Good luck to you.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    and, what good news to share with others! continue to enjoy and all the best to you.
  6. by   babynursewannab
    The worst part for me was having a niche before I started and then "losing" it while in the program!!!

    Nice to hear it can be found again!
  7. by   Momto2Boys
    Good luck on your last semester. Glad that the last one seems the best for you!
  8. by   RNIAM
    Good luck in your last semester and I wish you well in your future career. I certainly wish it was me saying this was my last semester but it's not.
  9. by   CountrifiedRN
    That's great! I'm stilll undecided about my niche, but I have some possibilities.

    Teresa, just wanted to say I love your avatar!
  10. by   BMS4
    Glad to hear that you've found your place in nursing. Like Teresa said, that's great thing about nursing, so many areas of practice to choose from. Good luck in your last semester.
  11. by   xantha31669
    I am glad for you, that has got to be the hardest part of being in my last semester. Knowing what to do after i graduate. Good luck finding a position in those fields.

  12. by   peaceful2100
    CJ, I am in my last semester too and although some of the stuff seems repetitive like the community I am really enjoy the stuff we are doing. AT my school we are learning pretty much exactly what you are learning the leadership, more community, policy, procedures, and preventive care. I am seriously think of doing a Master's in community health, I love it so much. MOST of the rest of my classmates HATE community and moan and groan at the thought of community.