Feelin Discouraged

  1. So, Ive been reading these nursing school threads lately...

    Im currently taking my prereq's..

    Im really good at math, but I really really struggle with science..

    I read somewhere that you have to get 100%'s on your tests to even pass the class?? ... I feel like I'd probably make one dumb mistake just because of that...

    And then I read that like 80% of your class fails out before graduation???

    What seperates those people...

    I really want this, but I just feel so overwhelmed now working, taking this horrible online biology class and the reading this and wondering if i'll even be able to do it...
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    most nursing classes have a very low admitting to graduation ratio but this is for different reasons
    you should vie for the highest possible grades because this will help you if you have a bad test and it will give you a lot of confidence in yourself ifyou do well but NO ONE makes 100% on every test
    good luck school looks a lot better when you are finished with it than when you look down that endless tunnel at the start
  4. by   ClassQ1
    Dont be discouraged. Not everyone who is a nurse is good in science. It takes hard work, memorization and understanding. If you are good in math, understanding and critical thinking is not an issue. As far as memorization is concerned, you just have to keep studying the material again and again until you remember it.

    Secondly, regarding getting 100% on tests is not true. To be a nurse, even 80% is good in the sense that if your goal only is to get through the course. Grades dont matter if you cannot clear the NCLEX (licensing exam). What is important is learning the concepts as someone mentioned understanding ABC's, what it means, how to apply, understanding nursing process and Maslow's pyramid, etc., etc. This should not be an issue because you are good in math. I know nurses (personal experience) as well as heard about nurses who have no knowledge and still are nurses. If you are true to yourself in studying, keeping in mind patient safety, you are good.

    It is all about understanding and applying your material. Just like in math, need to know the formulas to solve a problem. It is that simple but requires practice, which takes time. So dont worry, you are doing well...

    I am just a first semester nursing student but pretty sure practicing nurses will agree with me and may include more tips which I do not know...
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    Math dosage tests often require 100% at certain points in your NS education....but even then, we at least, are offered several chances to do this....regular tests are 76% for passing....below that is a "D" and considered failing....the poster who mentions doing as well as you can as early as you can makes a great point...I had high "B"s in the early part of my first semester and got like a 74% on the last test (of 5)...did well on the final and finished with a strong "B"....I'll take it...

    I am not, and never was, a science whiz....I had avoided them like the plague before I decided to go back for my RN (in my late 40's)....I struggle sometimes with the material, especially with things that either weren't taught well or at all in A & P or my other prereqs, but I read, re-read, look at other resources, ask questions, whatever it takes to get enough of an understanding of the material to pass tests....I show up to class on time, every time, I am motivated -- and stressed out a lot -- and the only person who will goof this up for me is me....

    We lost about 25% of our first semester class....why? Youth, misunderstanding the responsibilities/requirements it takes to be a nurse, perhaps some language barriers (so I was told), misunderstanding the time involvement, a multitude of reasons....probably a lot of the same reasons why people leave other majors or schools of education...the main difference is it's a bit tougher to get in to a program and with this allnurses.com board, it's a bit more in your face when you read those posts....

    Do you want to do this? What are your reasons for doing this? Are you willing to sacrifice some while you're in school to get through it? Do you have the support of your family/friends?

    I think if you've got that all figured out, and you really are doing this for you, you can make it....so I wish you my best....hang in there!! And take it one day at a time...at times it will seem overwhelming, but suddenly you're in the middle of your second semester and wondering where the heck the time went!! WOW!! So cool!!
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  6. by   nj1grlcrus
    I felt the same way, and every person in my prereqs had nursing as a goal, which was scary because they only take 75 students. I was discouraged, but kept on working towards the goal. Our nursing admissions relied heavily on the nursing admission test. So I practiced, practiced, practiced the stuff on that, and took a phlebotomy course, just in case I didn't get into nursing. Well, i got in and you will, too!! We have to get 75% in our classes to move on to the next level, and 80% on the Pharmacology Math Meds test. Don't get overwhelmed, just keep working, good luck