Failing....? Your school's policy?

  1. Hi everyone. I recently graduated school but I had a question. There were a few members of my class who did not pass their finals with the minimum percentage needed to pass. There were 2 that were accused of cheating as well... & There were also a few who did not pass clinicals.... It's obvious that these students were pushed through for whatever reason (went in and got points back, begged, cried, offered $$ IDK).
    So my question is what happens at YOUR school
    If/when that happens? Is it "sorry, you're done, you have to sit out a term" or are there "extenuating circumstances"? I know a girl that pulled the "single mom" card (BS, lady, 3/4 of us are!! You're just a hot mess who can't prioritize) and that worked for her.
    Just doesn't seem fair.

    Sorry, just had to vent. :-/
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  3. by   smoup
    In my program you have to maintain a 3.0 average. If you get a C in a class, but at the end of the semester you still have your 3.0, you can continue. If you get a C and it drops you below a 3.0, you have to repeat that class. I think you can only repeat a class once.
  4. by   green34
    We need a 77% to pass a class with a test average of 77% if there are projects involved in the class. Meaning if you have a test average of 75% but you have an 80% in the class, you fail. Failing clinical is the same as failing the class.

    One nursing applications class requires a minimum of 80 percentile in order to retake the test and a minimum of 97 percentile to be allowed to test. The class is the one with the preceptorship.

    If you fail once, you have to take a success seminar and meet with the instructors and then apply for a spot in classes/clinicals after the other students have registered who did not fail. Same thing if you withdrawal for any reason. If you fail a 2nd time, then you are kicked out of the program.
  5. by   melizerd
    We require an 80% to pass (it's a C though not a B). If you fail a class you repeat it the next semester. If you fail two classes in the same semester you sit out a semester and can repeat, you can NOT fail anything else again. If you failed a third class at any point you're done and out permanently.
  6. by   Caribbean Character
    We have to maintain a 75% average (2.0 GPA) to pass the semester. Clinicals are pass/fail and we have three BIG Dimensional Analysis tests, one the second freshman semester we have to make a 90% or higher or we are out of the program, two our senior year that we have to pass with a 100% (beginning of the year or you are not allowed to begin clinicals, end of the year or you don't graduate).

    If you fail, you can always apply for readmission, but there is an average of 3-4 applicants for every freshman seat in our program.
  7. by   kaydensmom01
    I don't know of anyone that they passed that wasn't supposed to. We had people fail every semester, some missing one math problem some by having a 74%, and they all didn't move on.
  8. by   MichiganRN13
    Each class you have to achieve an 84% in order to move on. Clinicals are pass/fail. You can repeat once and then your out the next time. Drug calculation quiz before terms 3,4,5 that you have to pass with 100% or you can't pass meds in clinicals. You can still attend clinical that week but if its your turn to pass meds then you get a zero that day. You can retake the quiz though so you have the chance to pass meds the following week.
  9. by   nlynrob
    We have to get a 77 (76.6) to pass classes. Clinical are pass/fail and if you fail clinical you get a 0.0 for the class. You can fail a class one time; you do a semester of remediation and then retake it. If you fail a second class you're kicked out of the program and ineligible to reapply ever again. We also must pass a med-calculation exam the beginning of semesters 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 with a 90% in order to attend clinical. If you fail and can't attend clinical and its impossible to pass your classes so they kick you out of the program.
  10. by   Butterfly6890
    Passing grade is 73%. A"B" is an 83%. One dosage calculations test EVERY minimester (every time you start a new class). Need at least a 90% on a 10 question dosage calc test. Pass? Good. Fail? Retake in one week. Fail again? Withdraw from clinicals and take a nursing success crap class which financial aid DOES NOT cover. Reapply. Maybe get readmitted. If in generic program and you fail, I believe 6 credits then you have to go to LPN school and once you get your license you can reapply. If you fail 8 then you're permanently dismissed from the program.
  11. by   HouTx
    Schools that grant exceptions to their rules - for whiners, fit-throwers, or whoever - are opening the door to charges of discrimination. Subsequent students who do not receive the same consideration can easily sue for discrimination and it would be very difficult for the school to successfully refute the charge. Just sayin' . . .
  12. by   sjalv
    Our school gives absolutely no leeway. They are very supportive throughout the semester but if your grade is less than 74.9% at the end of the semester, you are out of the program and have to reapply. Every test that is failed has to be made up, although the initial grade stands. If you aren't passing theory, you can't go to clinical.
  13. by   KJoRN81
    Thanks for the responses, everyone. I'm surprised that my school was so lenient for some people.....disgusting really.
  14. by   green34
    Although if you do fail out of one of the routes, you can reapply another route. Meaning a traditional RN student can fail and then go get their LPN and do the LPN to RN bridge with credit for the classes they completed (our LPN to RN bridge meets up with the RN students during the 2nd year). The LPN to RN can also take the traditional route and get credit for their classes they passed like if they failed out of OB but passed peds, they don't have to repeat peds. If they still kept up with the paramedic program, that would be another option. (The paramedic to RN program is not run very often due to the lack of qualified individuals who are not on a rotating schedule)