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  1. MichiganRN13

    Has anyone took the Kaplan entrance nursing exam?

    I don't specifically remember having much in the way of conversions but there were quite a few fraction style questions and equations if I remember correctly. This was about two years ago though. Good luck.
  2. MichiganRN13

    How long was your orientation?

  3. MichiganRN13

    Baker College, Owosso

    I am a recent graduate from Baker and I think that if your talking about 10-15 hours per week then you should be fine. There are times it can be extremely rigorous but as long as you don't put things off till the last minute it is very possible. I myself didn't work but I graduated with some that continued to work full time throughout the program. Congrats and best of luck!!
  4. MichiganRN13

    RN salary 2013 California, Ohio and MI

    I'm a new grad in Michigan but I haven't started working yet, from everything I have heard the starting pay for new grads in the Lansing area is around 26-27/hr not counting shift differentials. I believe most places only offer an additional dollar an hour for BSN for bedside positions. Hope this helps, if you know the area in Michigan I might be able to help you with some information on local hospitals. Good luck.
  5. Check out Kaplan nursing and the programs they offer if your not familiar with it. I think I know the type of questions you are talking about and Kaplan could be a big help. My best advice is (I'm not saying you don't already do this) to first determine what exactly the question is asking and reword it so it makes sense to you. Then you need to decide if you need further assessment or to implement something. If there isn't enough assessment info in the question and the assessment in the answer is reasonable then 95% of the time it will be an assessment answer. Plus always remember Maslow hierarchy - physical before psychosocial. Those are just a few things that helped me to score better on NCLEX style questions. Hope that helps, but you should definitely check out the Kaplan site or something similar to get some other ideas. Good luck.
  6. MichiganRN13

    What is your school's grading scale like?

    94-100=A 91-93=A- 89-90=B+ 87-88=B 84-86=B- I could keep going on down to an F but anything below an 84% is basically failing. You can have a low grade here and there on assignments and quizzes and test but if your overall grade ended up at anything below an 84% then you failed that class. Do it twice and your out of the program. We also had drug calculation quizzes at the beginning of every term that you have to pass with 100% or you can't pass meds at clinical until that is achieved. Good times!!!!
  7. MichiganRN13

    anyone actually graduate and employed from Baker College

    I realize that many of these posts are pretty old but I felt like I had to respond to some of the information being said on here. I just graduated from the nursing program from Baker in Owosso and it is fully accredited by the MBON and NLNAC. It is a private college so the tuition is more expensive but there is no scheme to it. Of course like any school it has pros/cons. The NCLEX pass rate is very high, generally 98-100% for first time test takers at least at my campus. I believe graduates from this program have as good a chance of employment as any other graduate from any other ADN program.
  8. MichiganRN13

    Baker College of Allen Park Michigan... ADVICE!

    I agree with everything you just said but as a recent graduate of the nursing program I can tell you there will be plenty more group projects. Usually they aren't worth that much of the overall grade though. Most instructors will most likely tell you that these projects are designed for the exact reason you explained above in order to learn how to learn and deal with conflicts and setbacks in the workplace. I know that if any students were marked down in the peer review then the whole group suffered because they feel the other students didn't take steps to correct the actions of the one that was marked down.
  9. MichiganRN13

    Searching for Fall 2013 Baker College Owosso applicants

    Thank you. My best advice is to make time for yourself to unwind but try to stay on top of things. If you procrastinate like I do it can be very overwhelming at times but I made it so you can too. Also remember once your in the competition is over, some of the best people I know I met through this program and will be friends for the rest of our lives. Oh one more thing if you tend to get hung up on getting 100% on everything try to let that go, it's not impossible to get through with high marks but don't let that distract you from your purpose of being there. Good luck.
  10. MichiganRN13

    Searching for Fall 2013 Baker College Owosso applicants

    That sounds right. Our total points were out of 100 also but I couldn't tell you what my final total was to get in the program as I never found out. I only knew my Kaplan score but when I got in I think it was only worth a total of 10 points. They are constantly changing things though and I just finished earlier this month. Lol
  11. MichiganRN13

    Searching for Fall 2013 Baker College Owosso applicants

    I just graduated from Baker in Owosso and unless they changed the Kaplan those scores seem high. As you will see once your in and are taking Kaplan tests all the time they generally are 60-70. As for the entrance Kaplan that was just one part of the scoring system, I wasn't very thrilled with my score of 67 but was told that was about average. I got in (obviously) on my first attempt. Good luck
  12. MichiganRN13

    RN to Paramedic questions

    Not sure where you are located but more commonly there is Paramedic to RN and not the other way around. I worked in EMS for about 15 years and I did hear of a course like that but can't quite remember where it was offered of even if it was in Michigan. I would check Lansing Community College or other colleges and also major private ambulance companies such as Huron Valley as they are more likely to offer a variety of educational programs.
  13. MichiganRN13

    Correctional Nursing

    Thank you
  14. MichiganRN13

    Correctional Nursing

    Hello everyone, I am currently a student nurse and I am considering options for me at graduation, I figured it is never too early to explore different areas. I am interested in public health/Community health nursing but I realize most positions are for BSN and higher. I am currently going for my ADN with the idea of starting work and doing a RN to BSN program. My background prior to nursing school is primarily working in EMS and was wondering if anyone has some advice of the best way to pursue the public/community health route. After doing some clinicals I'm not all that thrilled about doing regular med/surg type of hospital nursing and was curious about possibly starting with correctional nursing as that somewhat correlates with public health nursing. Is it possible to start out there as an ADN without hospital experience?

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